With the hype surrounding Batman day and a potential new Arkham game on the horizon, I have become a bit bat-obsessed over the last week or so. I’ve been catching up on all the comics since 2011 and rewatching all the movies and yes… I mean ALL the movies…

Alongside all of this I have decided I am going to replay all the Arkham games again and as of writing part one of this I am just at the end of Arkham Origins as I decided to play through each of them chronologically.

Personally I don’t understand why Arkham Origins got such low reviews when it originally released back in 2011 – Having just finished it I can safely say that I still absolutely loved my time with the game. I will happily admit that I found the last ¼ of the game a little stale and it’s certainly the weakest of the 4 in my opinion (yes, I prefer Arkham Knight) it’s still an absolutely satisfying romp as the Caped Crusader in his early days.

I think the thing I loved most about Arkham Origins is that it set’s up Bats and Joker’s relationship so well throughout the whole game with Batman coming after the Clown Prince Of Crime with the naivete of not knowing the absolute threat that Joker is. I find that Origins is also the best when it comes to the showing off the Detective Side of the Master Detective with some of the crimes absolutely blowing the other games out of the water.

HOWEVER, The entire end bit with Firefly then the second Bane fight really soured it for me and I honestly can forgive the Batmobile sections of Arkham Knight more than I can forgive this.

I mentioned in the intro that I am also attempting to catch up with the comics and at the time of writing I have just finished the Endgame storyline of the mainline Batman series. Everything that has led up to this has absolutely floored me and I almost feel like up to this point was the best that the Bat has been in my recent memories, with Snyder and Capullo really making the caped crusader their own.

I am however only reading the mainline arcs at the moment but once I finish this I think I will dive into Detective Comics and Batman Inc before I read the run where Gordon is Batman (in honesty I’ve tried like 3 times so far and I hate it).

I will let you know how I get on and will update these articles as and when I read more, play more and begin more of the movies.


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