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With The Predator ripping into cinemas today, we’ve turned to the stars above to take a look at a few of the most badass alien designs in Film & TV history!! Make sure to not hide in the air vents… They can smell fear…


Alright, so I don’t care if you think it’s badass or not but the Mars Attack! alien are the most terrifying things to me. Big eyes, an exposed brain and just speaking gibberish all the time gave me quite the spooks when I was a wee little baby.

And I guess if you can even call them aliens, the aliens from ‘They Live’ look really similar and just creep me the hell out. And then you have the granddaddy of them all the Xenomorph – which is actually a badass design. H.R Giegers most iconic design based off of just industrial and sexual imagery. It’s seriously one of the coolest things in all of the media. You can google image search Xenomorphs and stare for a while and stay entertained, shit’s wack yo.


The one that’s freshest in my mind is the alien from ‘Alien’- because I’ve just watched ALIEN Covenant. Of course, I mean Xenomorphs. But those are some fucking badass aliens, acid saliva, pretty indestructible skin and a little second mouth inside that can crack through people’s skulls, makes for some of the most violent, gory movie scenes of all time. Plus the way they actually breed (face hugger then classic chest burst) is some of the most cruelly twisted birthing ever thought of.

Apart from these, I have to say any really out their design of an alien-like Ego the living planet (he’s a whole fucking planet!?) or the symbiote which is essentially a constantly moving gloop until it attaches to another life form and takes them over, but also gives them powers.

Also shoutout to the coneheads.


Now, I’m going to oppose Jav by picking the franchise enemy of the Xenomorph. The Predators. And no I don’t mean the kind that after-school specials warned you about. I mean the shoulder-cannon, blade-wielding, Arnie-bashing Creatures from the stars who love to hunt people for sport and for some reason copy our finest quotes and laughs. I remember first watching Predator when I was 12 and for years I was hooked on how god damn cool that thing was! With the cloaking and armour hiding a scary as balls reptilian creature beneath featuring in my daydreams for years afterwards!


You all think too harshly! The coolest designs lie not in who can gut an ’80s action star the fastest, but in those that we find genuinely lovable.

Remember ‘Lilo and Stich’? Now that was a franchise with some cool-looking aliens!


The Daleks. One of the most feared enemies of The Doctor. Well… maybe not any more. but in 1963 when they first appeared, they where the scariest shit ever seen on TV. An alien inside a huge, impregnable, bulletproof shell, that knows nothing but rage against anything that isn’t its own race. The enemy of the timelords and the opposition during the Time War, the aftermath leaving The Doctor as the last Time Lord.

Nowadays, it’s not quite the same, there one of my favourite aliens within the Doctor Who universe but not the scariest. Now when people look at them there just a big metal shell with a whisk and a toilet plunger as weapons. If you want an alien that really shit me up… look no further than the Weeping Angles…