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Westworld has been, without a doubt, a bit of a dark horse in the recent line of brilliant TV shows and franchises – Nonetheless, the show has one hell of a dedicated fanbase… So with Westworld Season 2 already in-progress, we’ve turned our our attention towards it… Here are our thoughts on Westworld!


When a show makes me question whether or not I’m a robot you know it’s some good shit. I’ve only watched the first episode of season 2 but it’s got me very excited for what’s to come and to see some goddamn samurai! It’s good that it’s taken off from exactly where the first left off but with enough gaps to have us asking questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the twist and turns in season one and the playing around with timelines and the nature of reality. When i first put it on i just enjoyed the premise, a park where you can go in and essentially do whatever you want (for a high fee) but they then started to add in multiple plot twists and story lines to make you realise that this isn’t your average TV show.

It’s absolutely something i reccomend to everyone and could well go down as one of my favourite series.


Now, I may not have EVER seen a SINGLE episode of Westworld, but it HAS been a series I’ve always wanted to watch… Being focused on a robotic amusement park controlled by robotic hosts is certainly a unique premise – One that kinda draws me in by my curiousity…

The show seems extremely unique and varied in premise alone, and distinguishes itself from the rest of the sludge on TV by unabashedly being it’s own thing – I’m certainly intrigued by Westworld… I may need to give it a shot soon…


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Ahem…. what the FUCK is a Westworld. I haven’t the slightest clue about this show but people seem to love it. I thought it was like Red Dead Redemption or something and I was like, “Sweet, cowboys” and then I was like, “huh wait huh what” because this shows all about robots or something in a cowboy world and there can be other worlds or something so hit me up when there’s like Samurai World or something.

I think this show has some profound Blade Runner type are we human or are we dancer type deal where the robots gain sentience or something like that and if someone can let me know if pulls some cool shit with that concept like NieR: Automata then lemme know kthanksbye.