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With DC renewing all of it’s IP licences, it’s clear they’re going to try and strike gold a second time with the TV scene… What a better time for us to discuss the DC TV universe, eh..?


I’m a pretty casual fan of the DC TV universe. I’ve watched nearly 3 seasons of flash, 1.5 of Legends of tomorrow and I’ve just started black lightning. Before Lightning Flash was by far my favourite.

I never wanted to watch Arrow, i’m not sure why, and now i feel it’s too far gone for me to get into it. I loved flash for the first 2 seasons but have definitely got fatigued with the 3rd season, and now I can see that essentially everyone is a speedster, big whoop! and Legends just got a bit silly and repetitive, the story lines all just felt like filler and i really lost interest. I also don’t think I’ll ever watch Super Girl.

Now I had lost faith in the DC universe until I watched Black Lightning, It’s essentially a cross between Luke Cage and Flash and is really well made. Even though it’s Netflix he is going to be meeting Flash at some point, and I definitely recommend it. I felt like I didn’t really want to go back and finish the other series I’d started but this has made me want to go back and do it.

What I’d say is that overall there is just way too much in this universe, for me anyway. It’d be amazing I’m sure if you had time for it all but I honestly don’t, and the only real pay off is the cross over episodes which aren’t that great IMO. I definitely enjoy them but there is a level of fatigue for me.


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There’s a DC TV Universe? I mean I guess I’ve heard about it cause my friends keep talking about the Flash and sometimes Arrow but man I seriously couldn’t care for ANY of those shows. I don’t even watch the Marvel shows because I care that little about them. And I LOVE DC. I prefer it over Marvel any day but when your movies are THAT boring and you’re shows look THAT uninteresting I really don’t have much to say other than, “meh.”

I think the one I hate the most is Gotham. Like, for no particular reason do I hate it, it’s just annoying and bad. Anything DC related I check out is usually in the comics but even these days they’re too busy stripping down Watchmen and having another go at it so I kinda just went back to watching anime. Moral of the story: Go watch Made in Abyss that’s a great show.


Honestly, I’m just here to give the outsider’s perspective. I don’t watch DC TV. I’m a Marvel and Batman boy, and I don’t have Amazon Prime so I can’t even watch ‘Gotham’.

Flarrowgirl just seems… camp and cheesy with little to redeem it, and indeed the clips I’ve seen my brother watch just seem like badly written teen dramas with a speedy man in them. I watched the first episode of ‘Black lightning‘ and was bored stiff. As for ‘Legends of tomorrow’… who?

Nah, I’m happy with the Marvel Defenders line. Killgrave and Kingpin remain my favourite villains in any superhero adaptations. Including Heath Ledger’s Joker.


Another outsider, here – to be honest, whilst I was aware of Supergirl, The Flash, and Gotham, I’ve never thought of the DC TV Universe as ‘a thing’. Not in the same way the Marvel Netflix universe is at any rate – Marvel’s really got it’s universe aspect locked down. But I’m now thinking about how great the animated DC entries have been – that’s definitely one field where DC reigns supreme. Justice League: Dark, Batman: Bad Blood, Teen Titans vs The Justice League are definitely films to check out.

Infact, Justice League: Dark as a series? I’d definitely be in for a series with Constantine as a regular. DC needs to get more animated shows out the door as well as live-action stuff, now I think of it!