Welcome to Respawning’s Film & TV Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together once a week and allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of Films & TV!

With Titans gaining more and more attention (Albeit somewhat controversially), Teen Titans Go! to the Movies coming out in cinemas soon, and Season 6 of the original Teen Titans having just been confirmed, we decided to split ourselves into two teams for the ultimate showdown… Live Action Adaptations, or Animated Adaptations… Which fits the bill better? Which format reigns supreme? Time to duke it out!


I would say that I’m a fan of both really. My favorite movies are mostly just adaptations. We have stuff like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World which is an amazing adaptation then we got stuff like Watchmen which can be very divisive. I think that for at least DC the animated adaptations are way better than garbage like Suicide Squad. You hage amazing films like Flashpoint and the Dark Knight Returns duology. I think live action adaptations at least need to do something different stylistically or narratively to make it unique. Thats all for me, I’m so hype OG Teen Titans to come back and hopefully it gets the send off it finally deserves.


Same as my main man Salman here, I love both for their own reasons. I’d say overall I watch way more live action than animated things nowadays (Mostly for my undying love of the MCU) but I wouldn’t be the nerd I am without old school animated series such as Batman. However it’s all down to quality isn’t it?

It can be argued that 90% of the time the animated stuff is great and true to the source material whereas live action (Due to budgeting, condensing a story, or horrible misinterpretations) can be utterly awful, live action comic book films were not great for a long long time, and I’ve only watched one live adaptation of an anime, that was Dragonball Evolution, and the less said about that the better.

Then there is a certain pure awesomeness about live action done well and it’s much more consumable as the story is more bite sized and there are big flashy colours. So I’m definitely a fan of all media if done well (Including comics)!


Personally, I would say that I’m partial to both. What it really depends on is everything that makes a good film good. The writing of the script, the cinematography, the quality of the acting. It doesn’t really matter whether the film is animated or live action, a good film is a good film. Something that we don’t really get to see is animated adaptations of things for adults. You can get the odd IP that’s just stupid like Sausage Party that’s aimed at adults but most animated films are aimed at children. Not that it isn’t enjoyable for adults to watch as well. What I really want to see a Rick and Morty-style film for adults. Maybe not Rick and Morty themselves but something of the same style that’s just over the top and stupid.