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With The Incredibles 2 finally out, a new generation of superhero fanatics are born! To celebrate what many may call the golden year of hero films, we’ve taken a look at the men and women behind the masks to bring you our all-time favourite superheroes in film!


Does Goku count? I don’t care he does now. Ever since I first watched Dragonball Z as a wee little ginger lad I have been obsessed with that spiky haired ruffian and his continuing quest to be the strongest in the universe! I’m going to say he’s a film superhero because he’s been the star of what like 15 movies now? must be. Unlike most heroes in media which are either pure good or ambiguous anti-heroes, Goku doesn’t really fit in anywhere he’s a moral man who won’t allow innocents to be hurt, but he’s not in it to really protect anyone. He just wants to push his limits and be the best! Also with his naivete and gluttony, he’s just a funny guy to watch! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hero who has had the same effect on my personality as even now I tend to live by his example!


This is a big one for me! I’d say for characters that have been nailed by the movies Deadpool has to be up there and the latest iteration of Wolverine, they’re my favourites as they’ve managed to capture what the comics are all about.

Another shout out has to go to Nolan’s Batman. They managed to make the whole universe believable but interesting and are arguably the best on-screen adaptation of the caped crusader!



One of my favorite films of all time has to be Kick-Ass. Just a geeky kid who decides enough is enough and tries his shot at being a superhero. The thing is, in the real world, no one is gonna be eating shit any time soon from a kid in a weird ski suit. So, of course, Kick-Ass gets his ass kicked. It’s just a really charming film and I really should get to reading the comic sometime soon. I love all the characters in the film and I can seriously put it on any time and have a good time.

Oh yeah, I’m counting Robo-Cop as well. He’s totally a superhero, shut up… Yea he’s rad. Ok, that’s it for me bye.


Ok, so there many heroes that I love. So, I’m going to name a few of them, one by one. Batman, Batman is one of those characters that everyone has a version of that they like the most. For me its Christian Bale’s Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy that I love, the brutal fighting and unstoppable power that comes from being a billionaire with a death wish. Mr Incredible, who can forget this guy. He was one of the first superheroes I remember from the film. The strength of a Bull in a man, the guy who can do anything. Well, Almost anything. The whole team from the film is awesome and one of the best hero squads around.

Finally, does an Anti-Hero count? I’m gonna say yes… Deadpool… Nuf said.