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To accompany the biggest event in the film industry, the Oscars, we’re talking about what films we think deserved Best Picture at the Oscars!!


Now, I’ve not seen Shape of Water, or a good number of the nominees for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars… But one film that I really did believe would end up taking home that lovely little award was Get Out – Possibly one of my favourite films of 2017, the film brought back memories of Fight Club, with so many small nuances and pieces of foreshadowing hidden in the various cuts in the film; the way that certain shots are framed, positioned and overall how the film walks you through it’s interesting look at American racial commentary had me hooked, to say the least – Many iconic moments, from Chris staring, broken at the viewers when he’s ‘hypnotised’, to the housecarer’s subtle and somewhat appearances slightly off-frame, to some of the more symbolic moments, with Chris falling into his internal void… There were just so many great moments that framed not only the characters, theme and scenario in place, but your own internal interpretation and thinking, making you think just a little bit beneath the surface level.


As a lot of people know I’m so balls deep in comic movies I often miss all the big films AND that’s not far wrong. When looking at the list I realised I haven’t seen a lot of 2017s biggies. Two honorable mentions should be ragnarok for best comedy improv and logan for best sci fi western.

If its in this Oscar year one of the best films I saw last year was Hacksaw Ridge. That film completely blew me away. The acting was incredible, the settings were engrossing and everything was so impactful..

If not that my other 2 nominations would be Dunkirk just for being so different as a war film. Again I was utterly engrossed and on the edge of my seat the whole time. And although it wasn’t the quickest paces war film id seen the timing and pacing was perfect… The other is Split. If you haven’t seen it go watch it! James Macavoy needs some sort of award for that film. He was completely and utterly amazing.


Man I really don’t care about the Oscars that much. I haven’t even seen most of the movies that were there like Three Billboards and the.. other… ones… I am glad thought that Blade Runner 2049 got the Oscar for best effects – Which it totally deserved. I guess since I don’t even know what got best picture I can just blab off a couple of movies that I think shoulda won. I think Logan was fantastic, maybe that shoulda gotten it. The Big Sick was amazing but not best picture worthy I guess. Blade Runner coulda been nominated at least and I woulda been happy. Man maybe even Killing of a Sacred Deer, if that weird ass flick got the Oscar I wouldn’t even be mad. But yea movies are cool I guess….