Season two of the Umbrella Academy has officially been confirmed and I, as usual… Am late to the party.

I’m just over halfway through the first season. The Umbrella Academy is on Netflix, and it’s a T.V. adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá‘s comic book series of the same name (I’ve not read these either)… So I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about where I think this season’s going, where I think they’ll take the next season (If I’m right about this one), and what I think of everyone so far. Spoilers ahead!

So we start by learning that 43 women around the world give birth on the same day, and none of these women were pregnant at the start of the day. An eccentric billionaire by the name of Sir Reginald Hargreeves sets about acquiring these children – He manages to get seven of these children and starts up the Umbrella Academy, which is basically a vigilante force… All the children have special powers bar Number Seven / Vanya; yes, this asshole just gave the kids numbers and not names, they got their names from their robot mother who was built by the crazy brilliant eccentric billionaire (Who is now deceased). There’s also a talking Chimpanzee called Pogo, and I’m pretty sure him and Mum killed Sir Hargreeves… But I’m not sure.

Number 1:

Number one is called Luther, and he seems to be the self-elected leader; some of you Black Sails fans may recognise him as Billy Bones. Luther is super strong, you also learn halfway through that he was mortally wounded and injected with a serum that’s turned his upper body ape like; this has got to be the same serum that made Pogo, or at least a derivative. I’m not sure if I like Luther or not though; he’s painted as some kind of loyal moral compass… However his actions on several occasions are not good. For example his treatment of Vanya (Number Seven) – His actions are extremely elitist and he doesn’t seem to accept her as part of the family; I think that his stubbornness and the fact that he seems only able to concentrate of one possibility will lead to an eventual downfall.

Number 2:

Diego’s ability is throwing stuff (Usually knives) with ridiculous accuracy… Curving them left right and centre. He always has knives attached to him and he’s very dark and brooding – It seems that he used to work with the police and there’s obviously some backstory that makes him sinister. His anger matches Luther’s and I think that when working together they balance each other well… I’ve not got much to say on him yet…

Number 3:

Alison is number three; she’s able to manipulate reality by saying “I heard a rumour” – I like her, as she seems to be turning her life around for the better she’s making an effort with Vanya… But I think it may be a little too late and I think she struggles to connect. I’m also pretty sure she is going to get with Luther at some point… They seem to have a thing…

Number 4:

Lovely lovely Klaus… Everyone loves Klaus. I feel for him I really do, his power is seeing the deceased… And they are not always kind and rational; sometimes they’re bloody scary. He spends his whole life self-medicating and basically just going with whatever’s happening at the time. I’m at the bit where he’s just come back from the past… I wish we could of seen more of his time back there. I’m going to predict now that he will try and get sober to see his love again; it seems that his brother Number Six can come to him even through the drugs and I think that he will eventually become more than just a comical “Ooooh Klaus is talking to himself again”… I also am expecting Klaus to become even more badass in the future.

Number 5:

Number 5 can travel through time – He jumps to the future apocalypse and see’s that everyone is dead… He see’s all his siblings together and dead but not Vanya (More on this in my Vanya section), and he set’s about trying to get back and fix this all… He does some crazy maths and works for some weird time fixing time travelling weirdo’s, and works out 4 people to kill that he thinks will prevent the apocalypse… But I’m pretty sure his maths is wrong because I think as with EVERY OTHER member of the Umbrella academy he is overlooking Vanya.

Number 6:

Ben – He’s dead… Occasionally turns up and it’s amusing because no one knows who Klaus is talking to… I think he will become important but not until the second season.


Number 7:

Vanya; powers? Apparently none… But let’s face it guys, we all know that’s a load of bull. She’s very obviously the cause of the apocalypse, she was made a family pariah for having no powers – The rest of the family alienate her, and are horrid, yet she further drives the wedge by writing a tell-all novel about them all. I am pretty sure Vanya has HUGE undisclosed powers – They make a big thing about her taking medication from childhood, which is clearly because Sir Hargreeves was unable to control her, got scared, and did a whole Elsa from Frozen type deal on her. Her boyfriend Leonard is shady as hell… He’s thrown her medication away and he’s also creepy, he’s clearly some kind of weird stalky weirdo… But I’m not sure how he knows to target and chuck away her medication. I think when Vanya works out that she has powers she will become the big bad of the show – I think season one will end on her going on some kind of rampage, and season two will be about the family bringing her back around to their side… Kind of a redemption arc for them all. I think seasons past that will start bringing in more members of the 43.

Hazel and Cha Cha:

These two are basically going around trying to kill Five and work for that weird timeline-fixing-assassins agency… I’m not sure why they’re here other than to throw spanners in the works everywhere. I don’t think that they will be relevant super long term in the series.

Mum and Pogo:

These two were both created by Sir Hargreeves… They clearly know something about his death or maybe even caused it, but I can’t work out why past ‘the dude is an asshole’. My one gripe about this series so far is that I really wish they spent more time on certain storylines. I feel like a lot is being thrown at me and being put into the mix and It never seems to get enough development. Hopefully this will change and get better!

I’m really enjoying it though and I’m looking forward to binging the rest soon.