So there we go, another decade of our lives over. All the time, tears, anger and emotional rollercoasters of losing our favourite characters time and time again all over.

…At least in cinematic form, if you’re a reader there’s Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring set to come out… MAAAAYBE… So what do you do now? Well, here are some of the things I’ve been watching to fill my time and distract me from this epic ending.


If you haven’t been watching this all I have to say is why?! Lucifer is a TV series based on characters created by Neil Gaiman (Who is a nerdy God among men I am telling you now!) – Lucifer is about the Devil (Duh), and his ‘vacation’ to Earth. Basically he gets bored with all the torturing in Hell; he’s joined by his trusty demon protector Mazikeen, who is an all round badass, and sets up in a posh as hell bar / club hybrid. He meets Chloe Decker, a detective who not only piques his interest, but also makes the Devil vulnerable… If you like your detective shows mixed up with the supernatural, this is 110% the show for you. The first 3 seasons are on Prime, and Netflix has thankfully picked up the 4th season!

American Gods

Another Neil Gaiman based show (Honestly I love this man’s mind) – American Gods explores both old and new Gods, what they are, and what they must do to survive. There’s not much I can say about this show without spoiling it… But it follows the rather easy on the eyes Shadow Moon as he discovers the secrets of the Gods, and his place in the story. This one is available on Prime, and if you’re feeling like a good, long – maybe a bit complicated – read then I would really recommend the book.

The Girl With All the Gifts

Based of the book of the same name, you can catch this film on Netflix! I personally think the book is well worth the read however; the film is a reasonable adaptation though. Set in an apocalyptic future where most of the world has been infected by a fungal parasite causing zombie-like symptoms, and a class of children may hold the key to the future… The story follows Melanie, a particularly bright and cheerful girl who lives in a military base, with a big science lab. Of course shit goes down and the kids aren’t quite what they seem, but I’ll leave you to discover that.

Shadow Hunters

Available on Netflix, this series loosely follows the Mortal Instruments books; there is also a film of the first book, but no sequels were made – Both are independent of each other. This show follows Clary Fairchild and her discovery of the Shadow World; it’s full of Warlocks, Fairies, Werewolves, Demons, Vampires, Angels and Shadowhunters… Lots of good vs evil stuff and lots of grey morality explored. Unfortunately all that you see on there is all there will ever be, as it was recently cancelled. There was a little bit of wrapping up done, fortunately.


Detective Nick Burkhardt starts to see strange creatures in the world around him… He learns that he’s what’s known as a Grimm, and that fairy tales may be truer than you think… The series follows his introduction and immersion into this world, explores his ancestry and introduces new species of humanoid fairytale creatures every episode – Plus with some crime solving, romance and other good vs evil stuff. This show gets pretty intense!


Based on the comic book series of the same name, Liv Moore – an aspiring young Cardiothoracic Surgeon – goes to a boat party and wakes up the next day a zombie. She starts to distance herself from her loved ones and changes jobs to work in a morgue… As she needs brains to survive, but they don’t have to be from living specimens. One day she eats the brain of a murder victim and when the detective comes round, she has a vision of shortly before the murder. Playing it of as being kinda psychic, Liv sets off on solving murders with Detective Babineaux – We follow her personal life, her search for a cure, and some pretty shady underground zombie activity… It’s pretty lighthearted and funny most of the time with some seriousness thrown in.

So there are a few of the things I’ve been watching and enjoying recently to fill that gaping GOT hole in my heart – I’d love to hear other new suggestions for great shows of films that you guys have been watching post-Game of Thrones!

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