I’ve finally had some time to binge the second season of Sabrina. There are some things I love, some things I’m disappointed in and some things I just straight up didn’t get. Spoilers are ahead so don’t read on if you haven’t seen the second series yet!

So a few of the things I hoped would happen happened – Firstly I’d like to talk about the absolutely epic transformation of Aunt Hilda. GOD DAMN THIS WOMAN IS BADASS. Seriously, Aunt Hilda came into her own this series. Her cunning and her coldness with the Almond cookies was just… On point! And the way she manipulates the weird sisters with the chicken was just amazing. I just absolutely love her and she is very easily my absolute favourite character now! Everyone needs to be more Hilda. Her character arc this season was just perfect.

Aunt Zelda on the other hand… I feel like there was a lot here that was rushed. Her story arc this season was… Eh… The way in which she handled her marriage and treated her family was just… Ehhhhh… I wasn’t so keen on her development this season. Also the whole baby storyline? That was set to be epic from the first season, but I feel like it fell flat and was just kind of meh… I wish more had been done with this; it just didn’t have the oomph or the impact that I was hoping for.

Similarly I feel like Ambrose was left right and centre this season – I didn’t mind it so much, but I didn’t like him as a character as much this season as I did last.

Sabrina’s arc this season didn’t impress me much either; I feel like a lot of things moved very fast – I’d have liked to have seen the whole daughter of Satan thing stretched out a little more! This season could easily been made into two, and there’s just so much that hasn’t been explored like the two babies at Sabrina’s birth… Is that symbolic, or is she a twin? I also wanted to see her sink into her darker side a lot more! A few things were also a bit eh like how fine she was with Harvey and Roz – One thing I did like though was how she stuck up to the misogynistic church of night, and also the pretty epic witch powers 2.0 which I really hope is what Madam Satan (Or should we call her Lilith Queen of Hell now…) restored to her at the end.

Talking of Lilith… I LOVE HER. This was the absolutely what I wanted to see from her this season – A rebellion against the Dark Lord! I loved it, I loved watching her, and I love Michelle Gomez!

So now time for some stuff I felt was missing… More of Salem. We Saw Salem’s awesome powers at the end of the first season, and then he – just like the baby – was sidelined this season… I really need him to be developed next season! We learnt that familiars can be used to control their witches this season with that murderous Ambrose storyline; the two babies at Sabrina’s birth I also felt needed clarity – I wanted more of the Dark Lord as well, as I felt that was bounced over way too quick!

Lastly I want to address the endnote whereby Sabrina says they’re going to break into Hell and “rescue her boyfriend”. This makes zero sense to me. She’s on a reasonably friendly terms with Lilith, and I feel like she would just need to sit down and have a chat with her… Work together see what they can do about it. Just seems to be a bit off to me…

Moving forward, I’d like to see the show take more time on its storylines, to stop starting things and then not following them through in a satisfying way. I did enjoy this season, but I don’t think it was nearly as good as the first season.

But to end on a positive note… THEO ROCKS!