So it’s pretty safe to say from my original review and speculation article I was so so so wrong… Sooooo wrong about pretty much EVERYTHING.

I’m not mad about this because season one surpassed my expectations, and definitely went in a direction that I absolutely was not expecting. I completely loved the series and I’m so excited to see where it’s going to go – If you haven’t seen season one stop reading this and go binge it immediately (And then come back here and let me know what you think).

Season one was a much darker much more adult take on the fun-loving silly Sabrina the Teenage Witch of my youth, which is also equally an amazing T.V. show and not just for sassy Salem the cat! I honestly did not expect much from the first season, I thought it was just going to be a sort of edgy teenage angst version of the stories; I was expecting Pretty Little Liars levels of disappointment where dark themes were promised but with terrible delivery (I still can’t believe I watched every single episode of that), but season one got very dark! Darker than I expected, the storyline with Harvey Kinkles brother for example?! Oh my gosh! That was genuinely harrowing… But since the Christmas episode, I’ve been thinking about what I want to see in this next series so here goes:

More Salem

I really want to see more of Salem in the coming season – We get a good indication of his power in season 1, but this is something I am very keen to see developed. I also want to learn more about him in general, where he came from, why he answered Sabrina’s call and more – I feel like he is going to be exceptional as far as familiars go; I’d also just be really stoked to learn more about familiars in general I think they’re so interesting. I’m also hoping that Salem starts to talk, I don’t think anyone has outright said that he will never talk, I think there have been hints that he will – I’d really like to see his personality, I know it’s not going to be sassy Salem, but I am hoping for some dry humour.

A spiralling Sabrina

I think it’s pretty obvious that Sabrina has powers greater than that of your average Witch – She seems to be able to do really strong magic off of innate ability alone; not only that but there has to be a reason why Satan is SO interested in her. I really want to see her drop down to a super dark level, make choices that old Sabrina never would have and just genuinely reach her limits – I want to see her reach the rock bottom of darkness basically and I want to see how she comes back from that. Oh… And she’s definitely getting with Nick… No doubt.

Madame Satan / Witch Wardwell

So we all know this lady is not becoming the Queen of Hell right? I’m hoping to see some kind of wane in this Ladies loyalty when she realises she’s been used. Maybe a little conflict with Sabrina… Perhaps an ultimate team up in the end to take down Satan. Definitely some badassery though whatever happens with her.

Hilda and Zelda

I like how Zelda and Hilda are changing and coming into their own. Zelda’s major betrayal at the end of the first season is going to be an amazing storyline… I actually have no hopes or predictions on this one I just want to be taken on a ride. Hilda on the other hand… I think we are going to see some kind of manipulation by her clearly deamony dodgy bookstore owner boyfriend. I think this is definitely going to have something to do with Sabrina… But I don’t know what.

The Weird Sisters

I’m looking forward to seeing Prudence develop away from the school bully that she started out as; I am thinking that we will definitely start to see her perceptions change and she will start to challenge things more… Especially after that whole Queen of the feast malarkey that went down. I think she will end up a good ally with Sabrina eventually and I think they will help each other grow ultimately.


Just more Ambrose please… Just lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Ambrose.

Whatever season 2 turns out to be, I hope it just continues at the high standard of season one. I am so excited and if you STILL haven’t seen it go watch! Like NOW!