It’s time for part two of the rap groups that I would like to hear more of in the United Kingdom; the groups featured on this list are no better or worse then those listed in part one, found here, but I didn’t want to overload you with so many new acts all at once! Let’s get into it!

Gorilla Voltage (Mr Grey & Clockworc)

Highlight tracks – Grime, Good Die Young, Stars Collide

What an incredible discovery Gorilla Voltage was for me, back on Boxing Day of 2016 when the announcement was made they had signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment. Like all the artists Twiztid had signed, I hadn’t heard of them once before, but after listening to a single track by them (in this instance ‘Grime’) I found myself wishing I had heard of them much sooner.

Packing two very different lyrical styles, Mr Grey favours slower and more threatening sounding vocals, while Clockworc sprints ahead with bars at an absolutely breakneck speed. One of the multitude of reasons that I love Gorilla Voltage so much is that while they mainly stick to the afore mentioned methods, they are both just as talented when they switch it up, with Grey increasing his tempo and Clockworc proving he is more than capable of slowing right down and still showing off his impressive lyrical skill.

I have chosen to highlight the track ‘Stars Collide’ linked below, as Mr Grey demonstrates his formidable death metal growl that he seldom uses, but serves to prove that the range Gorilla Voltage are capable of is nothing short of best in class!

Alla Xul Elu (Billy Obey, Joe Black & Lee Carver)

Highlight tracks – Forever Face, The Parish, We Are One

At the moment, I am totally hooked on Alla Xul Elu. This is Horrorcore at its absolute best, and I wake up to this music and it’s the last I play before I fall asleep, though it is in no way responsible for putting me to sleep! Similarly to The Underground Avengers, the three rappers who come together to form this unholy trinity are equally matched in talent and power in their deliveries. Mixing the occult with the darkest and most shocking themes, Alla Xul Elu will awaken the hidden corners of your mind that you may have not known you possessed, but will find a strange joy in unlocking.

To be perfectly clear, and I appreciate it’s a strange thing to clarify, this is not music that inspires you to go out and hurt people or to generally fuck shit up. This is music to lose yourself in, and let your mind explore the pitchdark realms of your own psyche, before returning you safely to your own little bubble after the song ends.

You may find yourself, like me and many other AXE fans, on a passionate crusade to tell everyone you know about them after getting hooked after just one or two songs. If not then take it from me, their power and influence is constantly growing, and the Church of Xul is always looking for new members…

I reviewed their most recent full length album, The Almighty here

Axe Murder Boyz (Young Wicked & Bonez Dubb)

Highlight tracks – Grindin’, Vibe, I Keeps It Movin’

AMB are the best example of an act that improves with age. Even now I find myself fairly indifferent to their earlier records but a massive fan of their music from 2013 onwards. Forming in 1999, but releasing their first major album in 2006, they’re definitely one of the most persistent rap groups out there! Their long anticipated 2018 album ‘Muerte’ is totally brilliant, and is the best demonstration of their rap styles. Young Wicked (previously known as Otis) has a great fast rap style where the syllables almost seem to trip over each other as he performs, but the lyrics themselves aren’t lost in the storm and are completely comprehensible. Similar to the afore mentioned Gorilla Voltage, one rapper is predominantly fast while the other, Bonez Dubb in this case, delivers just as much but with a slower style in a tone of voice that is instantly memorable and catchy.

Their music video for Grindin’ is one of my favourite tracks by them, and if you look closely you can see both members of Gorilla Voltage in the throng of onlookers in the background at a couple points.

Thanks for reading part two of my rap groups who should be bigger in the UK. Next week I’ll be back with the second part of solo rappers who deserve the same treatment. As always, please show your support to any acts you like on YouTube and subscribe to theirs, and Respawning’s channel. Thanks again and bye.

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