This is my fourth and final article, for the moment at least, promoting rappers who should get more attention. This is especially true for the UK, where certain artists may break through the noise to get a couple of plays on a track or two, but that I want to get the full attention of millions of potential fans who don’t know what they’re missing. For this article I want to talk about some artists who started out as quite niche, but who are rapidly growing in popularity and are spectacles that nobody should miss.

G-Mo Skee

Highlight tracks – G, My Filthy Spirit Bomb, Ocarina of Crime

Mo Skee, also known as The Filth Master, rapidly rose to prominence after signing with Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2016 and the release of his debut single and music video on the label ‘G’. Mixing obtuse, repulsive and often comedic themes all at once into his own flavour as a rapper, you will struggle to find anyone else who captures anywhere close to his essence.

He also frequently streams games on his YouTube channel gmosk55 and it’s worth subscribing to him as they always fun to watch, even if they usually air while the UK sleeps.

An avid Dragonball Z fan, the Underground masterpiece ‘My Filthy Spirit Bomb’ is an animated and highly entertaining success. I’ve chosen to showcase this song over the earlier mentioned ‘G’ as I think it better demonstrates the lyrical power that G-Mo Skee demonstrates he is capable of time and time again!


Highlight tracks – Wake Em Up, Ain’t Like Us, One In A Million

Lyte is one of those rappers that all I really need to do to highlight how good he is, is point at one of his tracks and say, ‘listen to that’. That track is ‘One In A Million’. If you find yourself looking for a song that balances feed-good vibes with excellent singing, raw rapping and unforgettable lyrics then ‘One In A Million’ ticks every box with a fucking passion.

The whole of his debut EP, Psychopathic Monstar, is absolutely packed with bangers and as soon as the final track ends you’ll find yourself playing it from the beginning again. It was released in three versions (Green, Blue and Red), each with a different cover, hidden track, and with a different producer creating the beat in the introduction. Having listened to each variation multiple times, I would recommend the Green variant as the hidden track at the end is an absolute beast.

To promote his new album, Broke But Still Shining that is due out in December of this year, he has so far released two music videos for it. My favourite of the two is ‘Wake Em Up’ so that is the video  I’ve chosen to show off below that you should definitely check out.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Highlight tracks – Ghost Bars, Deadman Walking, Lights Out

Blaze has enjoyed a long and successful career with no signs of slowing down any time soon! Formerly on ICP’s Psychopathic Records with whom he spent just over a decade, he left not long following Twiztid’s departure in 2012, and helped them to form Majik Ninja Entertainment by signing as their first artist (that wasn’t Twiztid themselves).

With the stage persona of a 1980’s gang member brought back to life after being slain in a drive-by shooting, he was one of the first rappers to really bring gangsta rap into the horrorcore scene, and to shape and build it into the pillar that it forms to this day. His 2014 album, Gang Rags Reborn, is one of my all time favourite gangsta rap albums, and is a perfect example of my points above that is sure to keep people bumping it for a long time after first experiencing it.

At time of writing he has just announced his next album, Graveyard Greats (available 4th October), that is a compilation of new tracks and highlight tracks from his career so far that I really cannot wait for!

In my opinion, Deadman Walking is the best introduction to the music by Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and you should check it out with the link below.

I want to thank anyone who followed any of the links, re-tweeted, read or shared any of the four parts of this article. I hope you have enjoyed any artists you checked out and I have enlightened you to the existence of some truly extraordinary rap talents. Thank you as well to for their feature on it, and also to any artists shown who supported the articles, and contributed to the incredibly positive reception that they have had.

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Thanks again for reading, and next week I’ll be returning to talking about all things video games. I will catch you then!

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