Welcome to Respawning’s Film & TV Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together once a week and allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of Films & TV!

With Sicario: Day of the Soldado blasting onto cinema screens in a few weeks, we’ve locked and loaded to provide you with our favourite action films!


MAD MAX! always Mad Max! Seriously though the grumpy Aussies latest outing Mad Max: Fury Road is such an epic spectacle you can’t help but love it. With the bare bones of plot woven between gorgeous action sequences in a vibrant and colorful post apocalyptic wasteland that we’re definitely not used to seeing on film (Normally stuck with browns and greys). Fury Road is a real edge of your seat action adventure that keeps you glued to the screen every time you watch it! Tom Hardy plays on his strengths here as a man with an impressive ability to acting using only his facial expressions this suits Mac down to the ground seeing as the road warrior is famously gruff and near silent.


We couldn’t talk about action films without talking about the fucking man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. His films as a collection of action movies are utterly unbeaten. To this day Terminator 2, Predator and the last action hero are still some of my favourite films.

For modern action I could say the comic book movies etc. but I’m more interested in the character arcs and overall story. For pure action, I’d put both Raid films up. If you want some unbarred, balls-out action these are your go to movies, especially the second. another fucking belter is Fearless with Jet Li. It’s easily his best film, has an incredible true story and some real brutal martial arts, definitely worth a watch. It’s a preference for me as I always loved martial arts films growing up but these are still my favourite type of action.


Oh man, this is hard to say; much like Javier, Arnie’s a big one on my list. Late 80’s through the 90’s was a real golden age of action blockbusters; the Rush HourDie Hard 1 and 2, True LiesTotal Recall, Last Action Hero, the Terminator franchise, RoboCop, Barb Wire…so much awesome stuff! And we can’t forget later treasures like The Matrix, Kingsman, and all that, too. If I had to pick one…I’d probably go with Die Hard 2. It’s the movie I’ve seen the most, and it’s hard to say why, but it’s just so thoroughly enjoyable!


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My favorite movie of literally all time forever is Terminator 2. That movie has it all. Action, emotion, liquid metal robots, a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger… All ingredients to make the greatest action movie of all time let alone the greatest action movie of all time. I think I’ve talked about that movie enough though.

I’ve recently been bumping a song called Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, by Santa Esmerelda. I knew it sounded familiar until it got to the latter half of the song where I realized it’s from Kill Bill Vol. 1. And that made me think of how good a movie that is. I think it’s my favorite Tarantino movie and seriously listen to that song and tell me it isn’t a bop. Other than that it has one of the coolest fight scenes ever with the Crazy 88 and the Bride and the final fight which has that song on full blast.