Welcome to Respawning’s Film & TV Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together once a week and allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of Films & TV!

With Jurassic World coming thick and fast this month, alongside many other great films, we’ve decided to focus on the cream of the crop; those films that achieved huge financial success, took the money straight out of our wallets and took a place in our hearts! I can already predict a few Disney entries in here…


I’ll be real with you guys. I’m still super into ‘Avatar’.

I know it’s not the greatest artistic masterpiece- the plot could absolutely be better- but honestly, it remains consistently one of my favourite movies. Just the technical achievements with the 3D and special effects. alone make me drool even nine years later. The characters are engaging, the cast does a brilliant job with their physical acting, and the world is engaging in a way that makes the Sci-Fi lover in me scream with excitement.

If you’re cynical, just rewatch with an open mind. Look at it. Just look at it, for fuck’s sake.



For me, my favourite film that was a huge box office hit was James Camerons Avatar. While, yes, it was a long film, and it did take ages to make, the cinematic experience is just incredible. When I watched the film, I was watching it in 3D and I was in the front row of the cinema; the opening sequence of the film like that was incredible. Flying around in the first person like that is something to behold.

This whole experience just can’t be explained properly, it has to be properly experienced. So here’s an idea, buy a huge laser projector for about £3500, get a surround sound speaker system then sit as close as you can, then you can experience it today.


I guess two of my favorite movies of all time are box office hits; Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 did amazingly well for themselves. A more recent box office giant has to be the latest Avengers film – Not only did it impressively smash box office records it was also just a damn good film!