It goes without saying but a spoiler alert is in effect right away here!

At Respawning we are very excited for the release of Life Is Strange 2 this week, so to celebrate we take a look at our favourite moments driven purely by story in Games. Be they from point and click story games such as the aforementioned Life Is Strange or something completely different we discuss the best sections of story ever!


Bioshock Infinite is still one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever played. There’s a lot of people out there who have a dislike for Infinite but I fell in love with this game on release. Funnily enough I only just beat the DLC ‘Burial at Sea’ last night. Avoiding spoilers for 5 years to have my mind blown yet again. But the specific moment I love from this game is the ending section, from the moment you complete the final boss you are thrown into 20 minutes of pure mind blowing narrative. Firstly it kicks you into Rapture of all places, one of the most iconic gaming locations. Then the entire concept of the game is explained to you and as a fan of multiverse and time travel stories I was all aboard. The ending left me sad and happy in a strange way. I love replaying this game and especially this franchise every so often.


Once again, I’m throwing a curveball into the works. There is a game called SPACEPLAN available on steam. It’s a Cookie Clicker type game. But how does a clicker game have a story? By being very clever, the objective of the game is to make launch a space ship the the propulsion of potato’s. sounds silly enough? The developers say that the game came about with a complete misunderstanding of Stephen Hawken’s Breif History Of Time. The best part in the game is the end of it though. Il try not to spoil it too much but imagin a psychedelic trip on acid, throw some awesome music in and some amazing anamations, and there you have it, one awesome cookie clicker with a story line. It’s very cheap on steam and Definately worth the price.


Oh my gosh! so many! I have SOOOOO MANY. BIG BIG SPOILERS HERE GUYS. I’m finding it difficult to pick, so i’m going to limit myself to 2. Lets start with Bioshock, the original the first and the best (sorry Josef, facts are facts). Bioshock was a game changer for me, took me from Nintendo and cod and showed me the beauty of story lead games. My favourite story lead bit in it was when you finally get let in on the command phrase Would You Kindly. I live for twists like that in games! Hmmm what next…. I think Horizon Zero Dawn. I was so desperate to scratch the post Bioshock itch that I actually went out and bought a PS4 just for this beautiful game! There are so so many moments in this that are just beautiful, from the relationship between Aloy and Rost, to the women she becomes. My personal favourite however comes right at the end in the post game cut scene, and the meaning could be hard to miss. Basically one of the games collectables are metal flowers, they contain poem pieces and around them grows a beautiful triangle of wild flowers, yet there purpose is unknown…..right until the end. Aloy goes to find Elisabet… and sure enough around her resting place is a triangle of wildflowers. Such a gorgeous moment It brought a tear to my eye.