The Game Awards kicked off with a bang as Microsoft announced their next-gen console to be the Xbox Series X. Check out the reveal trailer below from Xbox’s official YouTube channel.

Although the new controller looks classic Xbox, the console itself seems to have a very PC tower look to it. It’s being marketed as ‘The fastest, most powerful Xbox ever’ which I guess you’d hope it is given it’s a next-gen console. Previously known as Project Scarlett, we already know that the release is scheduled for end of 2020 but now we have a few more details other than the new name.

One of the biggest pieces of news is that the Xbox Series X is backwards compatible across all previous Xbox’s. It will of course support native 4K gaming at 60fps, reportedly with the power to reach 120fps at 8K. The very PC looking tower can stand both vertically and horizontally. We’ll report more news on the next-gen console as we get it.

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