Mosaic is surrealistic walking simulator about urban isolation and how it feels to be a small cog in a big machine. You start the game in an underwater dream from which you are awoken by your phone alarm going off, there is an option to slap yourself in the face but it didn’t seem to do anything, you then get ready for the day ahead of you. It’s based in a world where you never have food in your fridge and there is nothing good on TV. The colour pallet for the game is black and white, you live a monotone life in a monotone city where no one has a face and all the cars look the same. That is except for the brief moments of colour in your day when you go against the normal routine when, instead of walking to right to get to work, you walk to the left and come across a street performer or you save a cat that is stuck up a tree. These interactions will grant brief colour to the game but most colour is snuffed out, such as on your way to work you can be met with encounters for wildlife that quickly disappear.

Once you get to work there is a puzzle mini game for you to complete which is just about collecting and moving resources from the bottom of the screen to the top, nothing exciting. There are also apps on the mobile in the game but it doesn’t really distract you from your surroundings; there is a dating app on there like tinder, but you will never get a match, there is also a stock app, and if you decide that you want to buy stock the stock market price will drop the second you buy them and the second you sell your stock the stock market price will rise. Among these things you will also receive texts that you will never reply to from your mother and from work telling you how badly you are performing compared to your co-workers.

Its not a game I enjoyed to play but I think that’s the point. The game’s message is to drive home what is starting to happening around us already. We work for a company and not for ourselves and nothing ever seems good enough. All in all Mosaic is a good game if you don’t mind playing a depression simulator or a game that may be a bit too close to home.

For it’s story and it’s graphics I’d personally give it a:

6.0 / 10

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