DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY is the action fighting game spin-off of the FINAL FANTASY franchise which collects heroes and villains together across from the series’ vast catalog and pits them against each other. The franchise originally began on the PlayStation Portable back in 2008 and a sequel was released in 2011 titled Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy.

The latest incarnation of the franchise DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT (NT stands for New Tale) originally began life in Japanese Arcades back in 2015 where it has gathered quite a competitive scene and has received continual updates over the past years.

Launch Trailer


Our heroes gathered together.

Characters from across the FINAL FANTASY franchise are summoned together and regain their memories from the previous titles, with exception to the new characters such as Noctis and Y’shtola. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is telling a story which is unlike its previous iterations as there is no clear contrast between good and evil.

While there is a STORY MODE on offer here, the main focus in this title is combat. The more time you spend in-game, you will be rewarded with memoria which is a currency that enables you to unlock story cutscenes and special battles which help unfold the overall narrative of the game.


At the time of release, there are twenty-eight characters available ranging from fan favorites such as Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart to the obscure such as Ramza Beoulve and Shantotto. These characters fall into one of our class types: Vanguard who are powerhouses, Assassin which are agility based, Marksman which are long ranged and Specialist which have their own unique abilities.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is a game all about combat and while it remains true to the expectations set by the JRPG genre, with the ability to level up and customize your characters, it does a fair amount different than the fighting genre norm.

There are two different types of attacks which are referred to as Bravery Attacks and HP Attacks. Your Bravery attacks are your standard attack, when inflicting damage onto your opponent you will see your bravery points stack up and you’ll also chip away at their points eventually breaking them, rewarding you with bonus bravery. Once you have gained enough bravery points you can unleash an HP attack, which directly affects their health, ultimately enabling you to kill your opponent.

Leveling your character will unlock new HP attacks which you can choose at the beginning of a fight. With Cloud Strife being one of the more well-known characters, I’ll use him as an example. The first HP Attack you unlock is the classic Cross-Slash, the more you play as Cloud you will gain access to his other limit-break abilities such as Meteorain and Omnislash.

The controls might sound crazy, but look Square Enix have you covered!

There is a wide range of EX-Skills at your disposal, while you are able to three of these skills in combat, one will be a character specific. Using Cloud as the example, Utilising his EX Skill Limit Break will temporarily increase his defense and decreases the time required to charge his attacks. The other two EX Skills at your disposal are customizable, by default you’ll have Might which increases your attack and Poison which casts a spell at your opponents.

At launch, there is seven summons available in the game ranging from Ifrit to Bahamut. During combat, crystals will appear on the battlefield and by inflicting damage on these you will draw energy to call in a Summon. Their job is to add to the chaos on the field, inflicting bravery damage to your enemies and also grant buffs onto your own team.


The game presents you with a wide variety of things to collect on your playthrough which include cosmetic titles and portraits, outfits and weapons for your characters to wield and a vast amount of music to unlock which spans 30 years of FINAL FANTASY; this includes original 8-bit tunes and rearrangements.


There are certain expectations that come with a franchise such as FINAL FANTASY and for thirty years they have always pushed the boundaries visually. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY meets those expectations, seeing areas themed from each major installment of the franchise is breathtaking – this title is sheer nostalgia porn for FINAL FANTASY enthusiasts.

Our Playthrough

If you’re on the fence with DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, then do not fear. We have posted the first hour of the game over on our YouTube channel. Check out the footage below, and if you’re wanting more great content don’t forget to subscribe!

Final Thoughts / Opinion

I consider myself to be a massive FINAL FANTASY nerd and as someone who has played previous DISSIDIA titles, I find myself to be in a strange place here. This is a clear improvement on the previous titles in the series with the fun and chaotic gameplay, however, the story is a side piece.

The previous titles had woven combat and story together brilliantly and while it has been noted that they are trying to market this game to a competitive / e-sport audience. It feels that the game is so aggressively moving towards this that it has lost a part of its identity.

With it being such a long time since we saw a previous title in this franchise, it’s a good entry for new players and there is genuinely nothing else like it on the market.

With any fighting game, there is a time investment required in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY as there are so many characters all feel unique. Once you have found the right character that matches up with your playstyle you’re able to push aggressively and all of the mechanics just work flawlessly.

My major worry with this title is that due to its uniqueness it could potentially put people off. Having said this, that factor could also work in the favor of the game, offering up an experience that is unparalleled in this genre. I’m genuinely enjoying my time in-game and my hope is that the community is going to continue to grow.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is an awesome new entry into the franchise and is also set to be a crossover with the newly announced DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA. The combat is fast and chaotic with 3 vs 3 action pitting 28 characters from across the realm of FINAL FANTASY. There is a lot on offer for fans new and old to the series with a lot of nostalgia mixed in – being able to fight in the fields overlooking Cornelia is awe inspiring.

7.5 / 10