Now that we have had some time to seriously digest the second coming of Nioh, we thought we would look into what has changed since the alpha, for better or worse.

I will start by saying that the Nioh beta is a far more balanced game with the changes implemented by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, to list them out the changes (I noticed while not dying) are as follows:

  • Addition of Tutorial
  • Addition of realm dispelling combat moves (may have been there before but I didn’t know how to use it!)
  • Removal of weapon durability
  • More balanced stamina meter
Nioh Beta Demo_20160826202549

Nioh Beta Demo_20160826202549

The stamina meter balancing and weapon durability will be something that fans of the alpha will welcome with open arms. No more weapons breaking are unfortunate times or hitting one too many times and being stunned for 5 seconds.

You can still quite easily lose stamina and become stunned when guarding but this simply forces you to utilise the dodge button more frequently.

Overall, Nioh has become even better and the worried difficulty nerf does not seem to happen, at least not judging from the controller embedded in my wall.

So excited.

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