I have attempted to play various games in the fallout series for a while now, each play through normally ends pretty quickly as I run out of ammo too quickly or I become disinterested in the game again. In the past month or so I have been testing a few mods in fallout 4 from the Fallout 4 Nexus and I thought I would share my favourites here.

Scrap Everything

Have you ever wondered what Sanctuary looked like with nothing left in it? I’m not talking about clearing all the trash off the floor, removing the destroyed buildings, uprooting all the trees and destroying fences that where in the way of your farm. I’m talking about everything, every building including foundations and car ports, all tufts of grass and dirt spread around, what about the actual road that leads through sanctuary? This mod does exactly was what it says on the tin. It will scrap everything…

Created by shadowslasher 410 and VlitS, and uploaded to the nexus in 2015, the mod has seen over 1.1 million downloads from people trying to get far larger building space without having to build over objects that cannot be removed. This mod allows the full creativity of anyone to be unleashed, almost to the point of causing a god complex… take a look Here.

On a side note, this mod goes very well with Higher Settlement Budget which allows you to be able to build more within your settlement area.


This mod is quite possibly the most detailed mod I have ever seen. And I have spent a very long time trawling various Nexus sites (normally the Skyrim nexus). Have you ever seen a gun where the inside of the magazine slot is textured to 4K? Have you ever seen a mod where you can see individual grooves in the barrel? Designed to create the spin in the bullet? This mod presents all of that in a lore friendly way.

If you have played any first person shooters you have probably heard of a company called Heckler and Koch (Heckler und Koch in German) more often shortened to HK. In the fallout world this company also exists as a pre-war company that manufactured various guns in Germany and featured guns in the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. The mod is integrated into the game with a side mission that activates at level 35 so you can’t be seriously OP as soon as you start the game; it is hidden in the south eastern area of the map in the irradiated zone where all the deadly deadly deathclaws reside…

This mod can only be described as beautiful and seriously well thought out. If you want this gun yourself take a look Here. Oh yeah, did I say that the gun is fully modular and can be modified beyond anything you thought was possible?

Faster Terminal Displays

This mod is pretty simple and one I like because it stops me feeling like I’m getting paused each time I get into a terminal to find out what’s happening in a fault or unlocking a door or safe. All it does is speed up the rate that text comes up on the screen. It’s that simple, but this just proves how a simple mod is able to completely change an aspect of a game to the point of making it feel like something completely different.

When installing the mod you have a few different options of how fast you would like text to come up ranging from 2x faster to 100x faster with the recommended being 50x faster. Take a look at the mod Here.

Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

So your building your first house in a settlement and you decide to put as much detail into the place as possible; But oh no, you’ve already placed every object within the game and don’t want to keep placing the same objects because it may be come repetitive. This mod adds more objects for you to build ranging from prefab buildings like the houses from sanctuary before the bombs dropped to electrical conduits that enable you to nicely route power around your settlement without it looking like you’ve had to pull a wire through the wall.

In simple terms it just adds more variety to the building aspect of the game as the number of objects that are available does feel fairly slim. Want to build more? Download the mod Here

So there we have it, just a handful of my favourite mods that are available for Fallout 4 and saved my latest play though in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.