Oh me oh my! Mr Sam Lake of Remedy Games fame has recently announced that later in this, the month of September 2021 that we will treated to a remaster of quite possibly my favourite game of ALL TIME…Alan Wake.

I cannot stress enough at how awesome this news is (there is gonna be a Bear’s Den on it) because Remedy a few years back regained the rights to Alan Wake and surprised everybody with DLC in Control that focused on Mr Wake and introduced him to a whole new audience that was never privy to his tale of love and mental blocks. This DLC also hints at a sequel that we have got to be getting right?! But this brings me to the remaster.

Last image of your dad before he was abducted going to buy cigarettes

Wake fans wanted this but I don’t think anyone expected it, because of the aforementioned DLC we where probably expecting a rerelease on PlayStation and Switch and a sequel and to honest that was enough, but out of the blue Remedy tells us they are finished with a remaster of AWAKE that will keep the gameplay as we remember it but have built new character models and adding some technical improvements as well as releasing it on Xbox and for the first time the PlayStation…this is amazing news.

Alan Wake has only ever been on the Xbox and PC and now for the first time PlayStation owners can play what I think is a masterclass in story based gaming. I mean think about it, this is a Game that’s biggest gimmick is the manipulation of light and using light as a weapon, so why not play with ray tracing… Come on we all know light in gaming can make a huge difference to it’s appearance and the setting of Brightfalls, which was already pretty beautiful, is now coming back with modernised graphics and potentially taking full advantage of ray tracing… fuck man I can wait to see this.

If I doubt, shoot the inter-dimensional horror with fire...

This remaster will be the definitive edition of Alan Wake so I imagine it will come with the two DLC packages “The Writer” and “The Signal” which mean once again I will be completing this game and by that I mean that actually complete the game. Get all the achievements/trophies get all the pages and play all the difficultly settings and pick up all of those damned Thermos’. When I do complete the game it will be I think the 11th time because I love this game so much that I delete my game save and start again doing multiple play throughs to unlock higher difficulties (which if I’m honest I hope we don’t have too so I cant get everything in one run).

But on a final note and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, this game to me is a perfect 10 out 10 game and if you have never played it this is the opportunity to do so and I urge and beg you to play it especially if you are a PlayStation player because this is the first chance for you to do so and we are probably getting a sequel very soon too and you just need this in your life, fuck I didn’t mention the possibility of the haptic feed back and HD rumble being implemented..I just cant wait and I cannot gush over this game enough its so so so good, so I’m gonna leave it there guys.

Writers note: I wrote this before the PlayStation thing and now there A FRICKIN’ TRAILER!!!! SQUEEEE

Have a great day and don’t forget to be nice to each other.

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