Okay so I recently wrote a piece that Greedfall is the hardest game I have ever had to review, and whilst my stance on this hasn’t really changed in the past 10 hours of gameplay, the game certainly has my attention now.

Critically I still don’t know where to put the game in terms of a concrete score, but with each minute that I play the game, it’s sinking it’s hooks (geddit? Coz Pirate!) further into me and has me fully addicted. The game is one of those things that I find so much that I dislike, yet I still cannot stop playing it, still cannot stop thinking about it.

Greedfall has me properly hooked.

So this article isn’t my review of Greedfall, it’s more a piece on me trying to analyse why the game has me playing until 3am, when no other game has done this in recent memory. Not even the Soulsborne games I hammer on about loving so much!

I THINK it’s the world of Greedfall that has caught me so invested. I find myself travelling around the world trying to find every character, every quest that will relinquish that little bit more to me about De Sardet and the world around him. At one point, I found that I spent a solid 2 hours just travelling to the various “Native camps” so that I could find more about the people who inhabited America Teer Fradee.

I also found that each of the party characters has me so intrigued that I have been rinsing through their loyalty missions. The payoff for these missions is absolutely perfect and genuinely one of the best things that Greedfall has to offer – One quest saw me trying to find the true heritage of my Naut companion: Captain Vasco. As Vasco and I travelled around trying to find out why he had been sold to the Nauts, we found that he was from a rich family who sold him as a baby when they were tight for money.

One of the things that happens here is that Greedfall subverts all expectations. As we find out that Vasco has a brother who grew up with all the lavish lifestyle benefits attributed with being a rich family, we see Vasco show compassion for his brother – even saving him from a gang of people, not once revealing who he is in order to gain this immesurable wealth.

This is the kind of thing that keeps me guessing with Greedfall, keeps me coming back for more.

In fact, so much so that I am going to cut this short and get back to playing the ga–…

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