Earlier today, Nintendo’s official Twitter page confirmed what a lot of dataminers had already come to expect: That the next update will be chock-a-block with content.

First up are the upcoming events: Nature Day will add some new activities that reward Nook Miles between the 24th of April and the 4th of May. May Day is an event that will run for a week, and allow players to visit special islands with unique goodies – and even Rover! International Museum Day will take place in the last half of May, and involve stamp collecting for prizes. Throughout June, Cyrus and Reese will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Harvey’s Island, where you can help them take some special photos.

In terms of new content, Leif will be joining the rotating roster of Plaza vendors starting with Nature Day, and he will provide players with the ability to plant and breed shrubs. Redd will be docking in the island’s northern beach, bringing with him art that may or may not be the real deal. This ties into another museum upgrade: The Art Gallery!

It seems some exciting times are ahead in the world of Animal Crossing! Nintendo’s original presentation may be found below.

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