On September 25th 2020 The survival horror, Monstrum will be getting a Physical release on all major consoles (X Box One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch) Changing environments, distraction techniques and permadeath.

Set aboard an abandoned vessel, your chilling surroundings will keep you on edge as you try to avoid the terrifying monstrosities that hunt you down. Cracked floors, misty hallways and rooms that look frighteningly abandoned; the old ship is everything but pleasant to be on. Players must scavenge the ship for clues and tools to plan their escape route. However, procedurally generated levels shake things up. Rooms relocate, items switch, and you never know which of the 3 random monsters you’re up against, making it a nightmarish challenge for you to find the necessities you need in order to escape from the ship.   

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