There have only been a few moments in time that we at Respawning have actually been excited or hyped by something from the DCEU and the upcoming Jason Momoa led Aquaman being one of those moments, we take a look at our favourite moments from the DCEU. This can be anything ranging from whole films right through to smaller easter eggs – as long as it got us hype it’s fair game.


OK, so, uhh… The DCEU. Hardly known for its high points, I’d say- with only the acceptable ‘Man of Steel’ and pretty good ‘Wonder Woman’ standing against the shitstorm that is ‘BvS’, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Suicide Squad’- so let’s focus on Wonder Woman, the only DCEU character who has been consistently compelling and who has starred in an actually half-decent movie.

‘Wonder Woman’ is the only DCEU film that I’d give the badge of having deep writing with actual themes and a creative approach to characterising its lead- exploring the ideas of war, destruction, free will, gender, and human nature, all of which is exemplified in one awesome action scene- the moment Diana chooses to go Over The Top.

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Power, femininity, a conscious choice to join the war- Gal Gadot tanking a hail of machine gun fire is just one of the film’s fantastic pieces of imagery, but it certainly deserves all the praise it can receive.

Also, did you know that Wonder Woman’s theme tune has an electric violin as its lead instrument because of musical history? In classic films, trumpets were used to signify heroes- as we see in, day, the Avengers theme- because they are associated with militaries and therefore historic war propaganda which shows of the bravery of soldiers. Meanwhile, innocent characters like the princesses to be rescued were scored using softer string instruments- listen to Princess Leia’s theme for a good one.

However, since the heroes were almost always men and the damsels almost always women, Trumpets became associated with masculinity and strings with femininity. And so, rather than scoring Wonder Woman’s theme with brass instruments, and therefore implying that Diana is a woman inhereting a man’s space, she was instead scored with an Electric Violin, showing that she is both a strong and feminine hero. How cool is that?


So these movies have just been forgettable mediocre dumpster fires for the most part for me. But that one scene in BvS in the warehouse is legit one of the coolest things I’ve seen Batman do in any of the movies. It’s just so well crafted and it gets you really hype. And don’t worry, he totally doesn’t kill anyone. Anyone at all.


Are you fucking kidding me Respawning?! The DCEU is so much more than the weak films! Let’s talk about the DC animated film universe with greats like Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Green Lantern: First Flight or The Death of Superman! The animated universe really gives the MCU a run for its money with excellent action, stories and character development. Let’s also not ignore the Arrowverse which went from humble beginnings with one series about a lesser known DC hero Green Arrow and has expanded into a deep and rich multiverse series with 4 concurrently running series and more to come with Batwoman entering the fray!! Oh what I need to pick one? Fine then I’ll pick the Injustice series. Two games and a long running comic series about an alternative where Superman loses his morals and becomes a dictator of earth! The highlight of it all however is watching a super-powered Alfred kick seven shades of shit out of the fallen Boy Scout.


So I’m pretty much surrounded by either Marvel people… or people who don’t like superheroes. My DC knowledge is highly limited, and by that I mean I had to google to like nudge my aged brain into memory. So I’ve seen the Green Lantern, Teen Titans GO and V for Vendetta that’s apparently on the list. Soooooo other than the moment Raven gets her legs out on Teen Titans Go, I’ve not got much to comment on. I will, however, be heading straight to the cinema to see Aquaman…..

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