Fantastic Beasts 2 is out this week and whilst many Potter fans were disappointed by the first one, here is a list of tv shows & films so full of magic that we had to recommend them to scratch even the biggest Potter-head’s itch for magic.


I’ll get this one out of the way first – if you like Potter then watch SyFy’s The Magicians. Billed as a mature and bastardised Harry Potter tv series The Magicians really comes into its own and has become one of my favourite shows in recent years.

A group of twenty-somethings who have magical ability are sent away to a special school to learn more about their powers and learn to take down a big bad wizard who desired nothing but power…. sound familiar? Yeah I thought so.


It’s hard to scratch that potter itch as it really has its own charming vibe that balances dark themes with fun storytelling. Firstly that potter itch can be scratched with the next Potter film, no way really! Yeh. I recently decided that fantastic beasts is one of my favourite Potter films and am super hyped for the next.

The series I’ve literally just started is Sabrina, although a bit more mature than Harry Potter it does seem to balance the dark gruesome magic with teen drama pretty well and should be well up any Potter fan’s Street.


Wee woo wee woo here comes the fuckin’ weeb. Okay, so I don’t like Harry Potter, I think it’s lame and not very fun.

But I do like anime, and Little Witch Academia is like a good Harry Potter so you should watch that. It’s made by Studio Trigger of Kill la Kill fame and there are two short films which you watch first then you go ahead and watch the series! It’s all really good fun, it’s cute and the girls are really loveable. So yeah, there you go. Fuck Harry Potter.

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