A lot of us are guilty of wasting our time away on our phones, and for some of us, that includes gaming. I certainly am guilty of spending way too many hours on time-wasting games that have little to no reward, but there is certainly something relaxing and addictive to these relatively pointless games! These are my favourite time wasters! 

1) Coin Master

I have spent hours upon pointless hours playing Coin Master! It’s pretty simple, you spin the machine to earn coins to build your villages. All the villages have different real life or fantasy themes, and are comprised of five components. It’s not happy sailing though as at any point friends or even strangers have the opportunity to steal all your money and obliterate your village… Which in the higher levels where it requires way too many coins is super frustrating. You leave it alone for 2 hours and you come back to nothing… Which is why I now only build villages when I have enough to build the whole village; if I don’t by the end of my spins I buy card packs which, when completed, give you various rewards. Some of these cards are tradable with friends which makes the whole thing a little more bearable. Sometimes there are events to earn extra coins and spins, but honestly the whole thing is a little slow going.

2) Love Nikki

Love Nikki is basically a dress up game with a little story to it. You play as Nikki, and you have to beat other stylists in order to progress through the levels; despite it being a “fashion” game, you can win levels with the most horrendously cluttered and terrible outfits – This is because scoring is based on the attributes of the outfit. This is kinda mitigated by the competitions though, where you are judged against other players by other players, so the goal there is to make something that looks nice. There’s always lots to do on the game, and the main quests have different difficulties – There’s special event quests all the time, and you can join a Stylist Association which comes with its own quests. There’s also Dreamland Quests, home building, ranked styling and the previously mentioned competitions!

3) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

You play in pre Harry Potter hogwarts and can make friends with Bill and Tonks. There’s loads to do, from going to classes to playing gobstones, making friends, duelling and owning pets. The underlying story is basically that you are searching for the cursed vaults and your missing brother – It can be a bit annoying as some things are time locked with paywalls… But you can do the whole game for free if you are patient and you wait, and save your in-game currency. It’s just a little 20 ish minutes a day of fun. And yes… You do get to pick your house!

4) The Rusty Lake Cube Games

There are loads of these that a free to play, and a few longer ones that cost a couple quid. They’re basically escape rooms based in Rusty Lake, all having an overarching story with the same characters. It’s incredibly dark, twisted and fun to play. There are loads of them to be getting on with as well! They are definitely some of my favourite mobile games! The paid ones are totally worth it too! You get alot for your money, and a much more interesting story…

5) Lifesaver

Now this one’s a little different because its a pretty serious topic, but it’s an app everyone should download and go through at least once. Lifesaver is an interactive CPR and Emergency training app – There are 4 or 5 short scenarios that are all fully acted out, and you play as the person who is performing the CPR or other intervention as you’re given questions and answers throughout; The best bit though is the app actually gets you to perform manually, like chest compressions by moving your phone at the right rate and depth, chin tilts, and back slaps (For choking). It’s honestly amazing and you really never know when you will need it. This game is a must!

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