Starting on March 25th, players that requested access through the game’s Steam page will get access to the updated prototype of the game.

The developers behind Into The Grid, the highly anticipated Cyberpunk Deckbuilder & Dungeon Crawler hybrid, are working around the clock on an updated version of their Combat Prototype, with plans of opening a new playtest during the upcoming Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest, which starts on Monday, March 25.

The game is currently in closed pre-alpha phase, with a working prototype focused on the card combat and the game’s unique “Commands” mechanic that adds a fresh twist to battles, allowing players to diminish the effects of bad draws and RNG.

The first playtest round gathered more than 1000 players, with another almost 2000 awaiting access to the updated version.

According to the team, the goal of this test is “to gather feedback about the interface, the Commands System and about how we explain the game mechanics to both seasoned and new deckbuilder players”.

For this second playtest, the prototype will feature a new onboarding tutorial, a reworked buff system, various bug fixes, and a little bit more deckbuilding than in the first round.

Aside from the playtest, the team continues working on the Map Exploration, the other main mechanic of the game, that will be part of future playtests.

Players can request access to the playtest directly on the game’s Steam page.