Anime-style RPG Blue Archive’s compelling narrative continues with the mobile game’s latest event story, “Academy Club Story: A Pair’s Final Adventure.” As the story unfolds, players will get a long-awaited look inside one of the Red Winter Federal Academy’s mysterious clubs, the Knowledge Liberation Front, a clandestine, collectivist organization dedicated to maintaining the Red Winter’s library and advocating for freedom of knowledge. Guided by two formidable new students, Meru and Momiji, players can win enticing rewards as they battle their way through each stage of the event story.

The addition of “Academy Club Story” expands the ever-evolving world of NEXON Korea’s Blue Archive. In the tactical RPG, players assume the identity of Sensei, a wise instructor, and lead a diverse group of students in defeating adversaries that pose a threat to the academy city of Kivotos. As the story continues, players meet new students with unique abilities that they can recruit into battle. Blue Archive’s gameplay seamlessly combines strategic planning and real-time action into an emotional, immersive journey.

The ”Academy Club Story” event begins as the mysterious book of misfortune, Luna, makes its way into the library and wreaks havoc on the Knowledge Liberation Front club. To survive the rift, the club’s leaders, Meru and Momiji, must set aside their differences and work together to defeat the book and contain its evil forces.

Meru and Momiji are both powerful students to be reckoned with. A Piercing Type Striker, Meru uses her EX Skill to deal formidable damage proportional to her attack on a single enemy. Additionally, she packs a fiery punch and can continuously deal burn damage proportional to her attack power for 30 seconds, applying Weakness Detection, which causes opponents to take extra damage. Momiji, a Sonic Type Striker, uses her EX Skill to deal brutal damage proportional to her attack to enemies in a circular area.

Also, Red Winter Federal Academy students Cherino and Marina are making their return after appearing in the previous event story, “A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala: Mustache, Pudding and Red Winter.” To help new students improve faster, Nexon is implementing a Double Rewards Campaign until 10:59 a.m. PT on March 11.

Completing the event story battle stages for “Academy Club Story” will grant players event currency that can be traded for rewards such as Meru’s Interactive Manuscript Work Desk and Momiji’s Classic Library Chair. Players can also use event currency Tarot del Luna to play mini games in the Event Card Shop to earn rewards including Eleph and Artifacts depending on which card tier players get. Additional rewards can be obtained during the battle stage by recruiting students from Red Winter Federal Academy, the Gehenna Academy Prefect Team and the Trinity General School Library Committee.