Game of Thrones is done. THANK THE GODS… After 8 seasons of slowly fading quality, we’re done, and how did it all end..?

Well Dragon Queen Dany decided it was time to sack of he whole “being benevolent” thing and just torch an entire city because her receptionist was a wee bit decapitated. Sure, she got what she deserved in the end, but it got me thinking about all the times the hero has gone right on ahead and fucked up! Wether its just a dumb mistake or a sudden heel turn to the forces of darkness, below are a few of the examples that sprung to mind.

1) Star-Lord Vs Thanos

One of the more talked about moments in Avengers Infinity War, after a near successful plan to trap The Mad Titan and pull of his powerful bling glove that some like to call the Infinity Gauntlet, Peter Quill takes a second to antagonise Thanos and demand answers about where his sexy green girlfriend is after angry Grimace kidnapped her earlier on. Upon finding out she took the express elevator to the bottom of the Vormir Soul Stone Mountain, he loses his cool and starts to beat the hell out of Thanos, which of course just wakes him up to continue his beating of the Guardian-vengers, and eventually lets him do his whole snap thing and wipe out half of all life. Nice work Quill…

2) Vegeta Helps Cell

i don’t know about you, but if I was beating the shit out of someone and they suggested I’d lose if I let them get stronger… I probably wouldn’t let that person just wander off and get that advantage. Of course Prideful ol’ Veggie couldn’t help himself and actually flies around with Cell for a bit to help him look for Android 18, so he can get the power boost needed to annihilate him! Doing that actually leads to the deaths of several thousand people and most noticeably… Goku gets 86’d by the green terror too! Nice work Vegeta, it’s lucky you’re so cool and I can never stay mad at you.

3) Jango Fett likes close range?

You’re packing heat… A lot of heat, and every enemy in your immediate vicinity is using a close range weapon and are almost all preoccupied with other things using ranged weapons… The best course of action is to clearly land smack bang in the middle of it all and pick a fight with the toughest son of a bitch there. That’s what Jango Fett thought he should do during the closing stages of Attack of the Clones, and look what it got him. A significant haircut. Hopping down to go toe to toe with Mace Windu rather than just blasting him into oblivion from a good distance away! You have guns and missiles you dumbass! At least Boba would learn from that and not end up doing the same thing… Wait.

4) Sora time travels and learns nothing

Kingdom Hearts 3 was meant to be a chance to see not quite Disney not quite Square Enix-leading man/boy Sora as the Keyblade master we always wanted him to be… So we get to the end times, third act, all the heroes confronting all the villains and surprisingly the heroes weren’t. Fucking. Ready. Terranort shows up first and wipes out the entire squad. I don’t just mean they got a bit hurt, they get beaten so bad that Sora wakes up in what is basically purgatory, and is given another chance to save the day! Score! Welcome back future Sora, now let’s see what happens the time around?! Literally the same thing… This time round the team is only saved by the intervention of the Lingering Will, who jumps in and fucks up Terra for a while; Sora had no input on this… It just happened. He’s the luckiest and sillyist bastard on a team with a dog called Goofy…

5) Anakin Skywalker trusting evil incarnate

Most of us know the story of how a poor slave boy from Tatooine grew up to become a symbol to all villains in media; a tale for the ages. The bit we like to gloss over, however, is the moment where after having a few scary dreams of his secret wife in labour (And definitely not dead I might add), Anakin decides he needs to do everything in his power to save the woman he loves from death (Again we see all the visions, and not once does she actually die…); anywho, after some excellent investigative work, leading to the suspected straight up saying he’s the bad guy… Anakin betrays everything he’s ever known for a promise from a man who he is now well aware of being a liar and a master manipulator… He doesn’t even take a full minute to think about the situation, and turns evil faster than you can say “Murder the younglings”… All because the sinister man with red eyes says he can MAYBE save your wife. I don’t know about you Anakin, but I would probably take a second to decide if my peace lovingly wife would be okay with any of this?!