Or at least the best non marvel thing! And it’s for sure the best hero animated thing I’ve watched! OK bold statement I know but if you’re remotely a comic book fan and you’re not watching this show stop reading this and get on prime. If you haven’t got prime create a new email and get a free trial, because this show is seriously worth it. 

I’m writing this after finishing the finale so Im going to be very careful to avoid spoilers but I’m left both fully satisfied and eager for more after finishing it. Firstly the voice cast involved is INSANE, Steven Yuen, JK Simmons, Sandra oh, zazi beats, Mark hammill,seth rogen….the list goes on and on. Secondly it doesn’t pull any punches, literally, this is easily the most adult animated thing I’ve ever seen and that’s a very, very good thing. Not only is there plenty of gore but the themes explored are extremely mature, and more often than not can end with someone unexpected taking a turn for the worst…. 

Invincible explores the idea of what might happen is Superman wasn’t totally pure hearted, what might happen if he wasn’t who he seemed and how would you stop it? In this show he’s called Omni man and invincible is his son, who the show follows. It starts as omni man does something….. very bad….and as Mark, Invincible, gets powers. The series focuses around why Omni man lashed out, was he mind controlled, is he really bad, has he just lost the plot? and keeps you guessing until the last episode. Whilst this happens Mark learns to use his powers and balance hero life with his personal one.

What I really loved is that it felt like a comic book come to life, there were lots of side stories going on and even an episode where it seems to abandon the main narrative for a tangent story line, but ultimately that serves the main story line in the end. Every character is deep and interesting and extremely well written, and well acted, and it really just makes you want to find more out about everyone. By the last episode I so emotionally invested it didn’t matter that it was an animation.

I truly feel this show achieved a hell of a lot in it’s first 8 episode series and I am so goddamn excited for the next series. Please I implore you to go and check it out!

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