Most of the country is hoping against all hopes that the sun is shining out there this weekend, so we can hit the beer gardens or go for a nice country walk… However there is every chance it could rain, and wouldn’t that be sad! Some of us gamers may even be craving that it does rain so we can sit in our pants with a big bag of Doritos and game the weekend away… So here are my Top 5 games to get on, to take advantage of this long ass weekend!

5) Uncharted; any Uncharted

Old Drakey boy may be having issues when it comes to the big screen, but he’s still a staple for me for a good old weekend sesh. The huge advantage of these games is you have an 8-12 hour experience but you feel like you get everything; story, action, explosions and a butt load of humour. The Uncharted games are just so extremely fun and impossible to put down, they’re at the top when it comes to 3rd person action and deservedly so… I actually think this is the perfect one-sitting franchise. Why not challenge yourself with completing all 4 games this weekend? You know you want to!

4) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This game will only take you between 20 and 30 hours to complete and it’s an absolute delight from start to finish, and much better than it’s long winded sequel. Combining LOTR with the tried and tested Batman combat system, this game had a small RPG feel with absolutely stunning combat. It’s unlikely you missed it, but in case you did, or want a revisit, go back and smash it out! You can spend hours slaying orcs and hunting trolls instead of going out in the rubbish sun. Orcs are prettier than the nice weather anyway!

3) Overcooked 1 or/and 2

Perhaps you’re not spending this weekend alone; maybe you have a loved one or a very good friend by your side and solo gaming just isn’t an option? Well Overcooked may be your solution, a game which provides kitchens that you couldn’t even imagine existing. Combining puzzle solving and cooking mania, Overcooked requires you to work with a friend to complete orders and get them out, but provides obstacles so it’s almost impossible, such as having 2 trucks that split, one for prep and the other with cooking – Or conveyor belts that take the food away from you and into a bin! You probably could complete this in a weekend, but it’s also great to stick on for a couple of hours. Just try not to fall out with each other because someone burnt the burgers!

4) Any Telltale or David Cage game

Perhaps you’re feeling hella chilled and you don’t want to move your fingers or brain cells too much?! Well these games could be for you, lasting for about 6-8 hours and essentially consisting of one long QTE, they tell pretty damn good stories and will for sure keep you entertained for the whole time you’re playing them… Yet they don’t require your full attention. With such a vast range of games and a lot of them being included on various game passes, you’re bound to have 1 or 2 in your library, so you may not even need to spend additional money! My personal favourites of this genre are Heavy Rain and the Batman Telltale game; trust me, you can’t go wrong with these! Jason! Jasssssooonnnn!!!!

5) That RPG you’ve been saving

So this may seem silly but hear me out; most RPGs are completable in 40-60 hours, 60 meaning you’ve done most things – Over 3 days you’ll get 72 hours, you could potentially do 1 all nighter and sleep 6 hours the other 2 nights, throw the Friday night in as this is easily doable ain’t it! I for one am going to sink some hours into Kingdom Come Deliverance and Souls 3, who knows I could have them finished by Tuesday (doubt)… But honestly the potential is endless; maybe there’s that one game you’ve barely made a chip in, or one where you’re nearing the end but need that 6 hour stretch; this is your perfect opportunity! Go my pretties and complete your games!

If I’m being honest with myself I’ll probably spend all weekend out ‘n about or decorating, but the weekend does give an opportunity of later nights which means maximum game time. I’ll definitely be making a dent on some gameplay hours, and I hope you do too!

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