To celebrate one of the best photo modes in modern gaming, we here at Respawning decided to create a gallery to show off our best snaps taken in Ghost of Tsushima. Enjoy!

Alexx – Threatening Trees
Alexx – Sun Cutter
Alexx – Night Samurai
Alexx – Vertical Sunbeam
Alexx – Moody Horse
Mikey – Moonlight
Mikey – Sunset
Mikey – Autumn colours
Lance – Burn it, burn it all
Lance – The old, one two
Lance – I can see my house from here
Lance – Samurai autumnal collection
Lance – pretty much sums up my play style
Lance -Ew, get it off my sword
Lance – You’re not walking that off
Lance – That’s a spicy meatball
Lance – Bicycle with legs
Lance – Jin City
Lance – Just plain pretty
Lance – Red sky at night, samurai delight
Lance – Ahh! My eyes!!
Lance – True Kurosawa tribute
Lance – We’re getting the band back together
Luke – Wu-Tang Clan coming at you, protect your neck kid!
Luke – I love cocaine…
Alexx – A Hatred of Autumn
Alexx – The Moodiest Jinurai
Alexx – The Fire God of Tsushima
Alexx – I must go, my planet needs me
Alexx – Shadow is going through some stuff...
Alexx – Always Watching
Alexx – The Four Samureteers
Will – Waiting on that perfect surf
Will – Just here in my garage
Will – Trust me my friends really hot
Will – F*ck you Sora!
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