The Longing releases March 5th.

Deep underground, a tired King must sleep to restore his strength. He asks his servant, a faithful Shade, to wake him when 400 days have passed. Then he closes his eyes, leaving the Shade utterly alone in a vast, dark cave.

Created as a passion project by German indie developer Anselm Pyta of Studio Seufz, The Longing is an unusual adventure/sim/idle game nominated for this year’s IGF Nuovo Award. It will be localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

The Longing’s 400 days count down in real time from the moment you start — even when you stop playing and exit the game. Playing as the Shade, your only required task is to awaken the King once the 400 days have passed. So, you could just wait to see how it ends…

Or, you can explore the vast cave and eventually decide: will you stick with the King and build a comfortable life for yourself underground? Or will you make a break for it and escape to the world above? The Longing has several endings, and not all of them take 400 days to uncover.

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