THE BATMAN! I just keep saying it out loud at the moment because that 2nd trailer has made me hype beyond all possible meaning. It has fully brought back my obsession with the cape and cowl, forcing me to submerge myself in all things Batman from games to comics to movies – I am completely obsessed with the bat AGAIN.

But one thing I have also been doing is watching the two trailers for The Batman over and over again to try and decipher any clues given like I am cosplaying the worlds greatest detective myself and I thought I would share a few of my findings with you lovely people.

I will categorise these into what I THINK they might reveal and give a few details on the way, I get really into this so if you want to go into The Batman completely blind then look away now.

Still here? Let’s go.

The Court of Owls

During both trailers, Batman is attempting to decipher some of Eddie Nigma’s clues and one of these clues has been written inside a greeting card. What we get to see is Bruce close this card and we are treated with a BIG OL’ picture of an Owl on the front and the words “From your Secret friend” which is quite a blatant call-back to the court of owls.

Moon Pig are getting a little abstract these days

It’s also noted that The Riddler is constantly targeting people in high positions of power which suits the Court’s MO quite heavily.

Alongside all this, we see Batman investigating a crime scene with various writing all over the floor, the most notable of this are the words “The Sins of my father” which again could allude to the Court as it has become apparent in the last decade that Thomas Wayne was not all good and in fact was in line with the court on many occasions

Well, best grab the mop

Also one glaringly obvious thing to me is that Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit looks incredibly similar to the talon suit:



Another theory that I (and much of the internet has) is that this will adapt the Hush Storyline and whilst I personally think this could be a little early in Bruce’s career to have a copycat who wants to steal his life – there could be something in this.

FIRSTLY everyone seems to have their mouth taped up with the words “no more lies” to keep everyone quiet… or hushed (HEH).

Ah yeah we’ve all been pranked like this before

BUT WHAT OF THE PENGUIN I HEAR YOU CRY? HE ISNT EVEN IN HUSH! Yes, you are right and whilst penguin doesn’t appear in Hush, Hush does ally himself with Penguin early on in All Star Batman so if Hush does appear they could be blending a handful of the Hush storylines.

The Catwoman and Batman love arc is quite prevalent around the hush storyline and very apparent in these trailers, which again could allude to Tommy appearing in the Batman

Okay fine…but the cowl stays on!

This all makes more than a little sense as Riddler was the true mastermind behind the Hush storyline but I feel that they wouldn’t be showing the Riddler off all the way through if the big reveal of the Riddler was behind everything all along.


The gangs are dressed in what looks like clown makeup, however this could simply be because it’s set in Halloween as opposed to the joker as I feel this may be too early in Batmans career to have Joker appear, we have also done the Joker over and over again so I do doubt there is any credit to this….

Joker? Nah we just don’t get out much

However in complete contradiction to me thinking the joker won’t be in this, we see a shot of Arkham State Hospital as opposed to Arkham asylum. Last time we saw this name for the hospital was then Arthur fleck picked up his mothers medical records in Joker and he became the Joker long before Bruce became the Batman which could be a way around having him already appear so early on.

Nothing, it’s a totally original Story that adapts a small amount from Year 1 & Year 2

This could be completely wrong however and we could be adapting the “Year One” storyline blended with Year 2 elements (Matt Reeves has previously said this is year 2)

The Police and Detective Gordon

We know for sure that Gordon is absolutely not the commissioner at the moment (we literally see another commissioner) which makes sense being so early on in Bruce’s career as neither Batman or Gordon have risen up enough to become as important as they will be.

It would also appear that whilst Gordon is on Batman’s side throughout the movie and has the Bat Signal setup (Albeit very crudely and smashed in the light to make the symbol as opposed to creating one) it seems the rest of GCPD are not on the same wave length. This is evidenced by the fact that we see armed officers directly shooting at Batman at various different points throughout the trailers

Cool Details

Not alluding to anything in the storyline, a nice detail is that Batman’s hallway scene is very reminiscent of Vader’s hallway scene from Star Wars – Complete with the same cinematographer!

(Source: Reddit)

And finally… My favourite detail in the whole trailer is when Batman emerges from the fiery wreckage, walking towards Penguin. We see this from Penguins perspective which shows the perception as upside down, like how a Bat hangs from a ceiling. Not a story beat but a really cool detail that shows us how this movie is going to absolutely OOZE style from beginning to end.

So that’s what I have gleamed from the trailer! As you can tell I am so excited for this and my Batman obsession has returned with a “Vengeance” (heh)!

Are you excited for The Batman? Let me know in the comments below.

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