This is a trainwreck…….Not really though, it’s actually pretty well done.

I’ve been my interest in comedy is definitely something that goes back and forth. Some days I’m watching every stand-up comic in the scene these days and other times, well, I’m not doing that.

But regardless I love to laugh, and I’m sure everyone else does too. And in a time where everyone is pretty much at home on Netflix for the majority of the day why not watch something lighthearted to ease you in this time of impending doom. Did you hear there are like swarms of locusts in Africa? The world really is ending huh.

So here comes Middleditch & Schwartz starring… Middleditch and Schwartz. You may know them from the roles on shows such as Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley,  these two guys just so happen to be KILLER at improv. I’ve also been watching a lot of improv because of certain classes (shoutout to Miss Simi) and I was really, really surprised when I saw this.

All these guys do is ask a simple question to the audience and get a small conversation going. After gathering a bit of that info they go ahead and get on with the rest of the show and use that conversation and what they got from it to form the narrative.

What it leads to is these two smart, capable, and very stupid comedians making you laugh for your entertainment. And theirs honestly, I think out of everyone participating or watching the people having the most fun are these two. The love for the art of improv and their own tastes in comedy and stories really shine throughout their performances.

All three episodes are stellar, but for me, the third one will always stand out as it turns out to be such a total trainwreck when it comes to following the continuity. And watching these two struggle, and still manage to tell the story when they don’t even know who they are is not only hilarious but wildly impressive.

So if this sounds like something you’d dig I’d wholeheartedly check it out. It’s on Netflix so you have no excuses!

And if you wanna watch them in anything else then do check out Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley, both of those shows hold a special place in my heart.

If you liked, or wanna let me know you hated it and that I should stop recommending things to people let me know in the comments!


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