Hot off the back of the recent Nintendo Direct, Luke is back with another list because he wanted to take a bit of time to discuss what our most anticipated things of 2021 are… but this time, instead of reeling off the usual top 5 things he’s excited for, he thought he would get everyone involved to detail what the most anticipated Movie, Game and TV show of the year was for them!

May be some repeats on this list but it should be fun regardless!


Movie: Spider-Man 3

Surprising nobody – I am most excited for the next installment of the MCU Spider-Man movies. Learning this one was going to be a holiday movie and POTENTIALLY be all about the spiderverse has me so hype and I cannot wait until December rolls around!

Game: Resident Evil: Village

I am a huge fan of survival horror games, constantly replaying everything ever made by Shinji Mikami – but I am also still a huge fan of the Resident Evil series (I even like Resident Evil 6) with 7 being my 2nd favourite Resi title to date. Couple this with tall vampire ladies and werewolves and I am SOOOO excited for Resident Evil Village

TV Show: Loki

Yep, it’s more MCU but can you really blame me? It’s been a whole year of no MCU leading to this point so I will take everything I can get. Loki messing around in different points in time seems like the exact sort of dumb fun I need from the MCU in 2021. I can’t wait


Movie: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

It has to be Zack Snyder’s Justice League…a 4 hour epic R rated dc movie that has striped away all the studio meddling and is in keeping with the original vision Snyder had for his DC universe…hell yes

Game: Retromania and Legends of Mana and Skyward Sword

I would be lying if Retromania wasn’t in this list with its classic arcade style wrestling but after the Nintendo direct I am very excited to get my hands on Skyward Sword again and The Legends of Mana remaster…I mean holy cow I love that series! After the Trials 3d remake, which I loved, I need this in my life.

TV: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Again I guess?

Ummm I’m not even sure what TV is coming out I don’t really watch tv…I recently blasted through Wandavision and I’m excited to see what happens as it finally made me care about Scarlet Witch in the MCU…but other TV? …is Obi-wan out this year?


Game: Outriders.

Its not secret in the Respawning ‘office’ that I’m a loot whore. If it means repeatedly battling the same boss, over and over, for a chance of a new shiny shiny, count me in. Outriders looks like to fill that compulsion, plus you get to be basically be a wizard with a gun. SOLD

Movie: Mortal Kombat.

The HBO movie has really been ramping up its PR campaign, and by the time you read this, ths trailer would have been released. Don’t really need to say anymore. Watch the trailer.

Tv: The Witcher.

The first season was brilliant. Made me go back and complete The Witcher 3 for the, probably, 10th time. Season two can’t come quick enough.


Game: Deathloop

Image result for deathloop

Deathloop man… I’m and the BIGGEST fan of Dishonored and adored Prey as well, so I’m pretty keen to see what Arkane come out with this time. The world bending mechanics and tight looking gunplay have me salivating at this latest outing from Bethesda’s best dev team (IMO) and a few neat tricks linking the gameplay to the haptic feedback controller of the PS5 make me keen to see what the hardware can really do…

Movie: Godzilla Vs Kong

I did an article on this not to long ago, so you know I’m hype for Godzilla vs Kong! Obviously I’m team Kong and I can’t wait to see a throw down like this with all the wonders of modern technology and not just some dudes in suits… Also, if the rumours of Mechagodzilla making an appearance prove true then you can colour me all the more excited.

TV: The Book Of Boba Fett

okay this one took a lot of thinking… I really don’t watch much TV and takes a lot for me to invest in a full length show. Then I thought, stop being stupid and remember that THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT is coming winter 2021! With the clone bounty hunters return in The Mandalorian people were excited and satisfied that Fett finally fit their expectations for his badass appearance. Fett getting his own full story is my childhood wish come true and you’ll be sure I’ll be watching as soon as this one drops!


Movie: Spider-Man 3

Basically copy and paste what Luke said as I am hyped as fuck for what this movie could be. Everything points to Marvel going full balls to the wall (much like they have WandaVision) and exploring the Spiderverse in all its Tobey Maguire filled glory. And hey, even if they don’t go down that road then I’m still excited as MCU Spider-Man movies rule and this one will be no different!

PS if I can’t have the same as Luke then I pick Space Jam 2 because why the hell not?

Game: God of War Ragnarok (permitting delays)

God of War Ragnarok is the quick answer but I’ve already spoken about my most hyped games for 2021, in fact I did a video on my top 10! So please excuse the cheap plug and check out my video, many thanks.

TV Show: Dexter Season 9

I really wanted to pick Loki here but I can’t copy Luke twice and I want to try my best to move away from the brilliant MCU if possible as I guess that’s taking up a lot of space here, so I’m going for the return of Dexter. Due to its extremely crappy ending, I think Dexter is often overlooked for just how incredible and original it was for it’s time. If this return (assuming it’s out in 2021) can capture that old magic and actually stick the landing this time then we could be in for one of the surprise hits of the year!


Movie: Venom 2

Let. There. Be. Carnage! The first Venom film was drastically better than I was expecting, and the appearance of Woody Harrelson at the end put me in a statement of excitement for the sequel that hasn’t abated since 2018.

I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Tom Hardy, and if that describes you then congratulations on being dead inside.

Game: Horizon Forbidden West

I feel like saying I’m excited for any game in 2021 is the only motivation fate needs to line it up in the crosshairs. Fortunately one of the most important lessons gaming has learnt in the last couple of years is that games released in an unfinished state makes losers of us all, so here we go, I want Horizon Forbidden West. I want it right now.

No other game exists, that I’m aware of, which would cause me to break my rule of not succumbing to the PS5 scalpers (bastard scum asshole fuckheads the lot of them) and buying a PS5 for twice the retail price just to play it. With the news that Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, my second choice, isn’t releasing until June at the earliest I am hopeful another major Sony exclusive will not release close to it, and lends the chance that PS5’s will have become more available by this point.

TV: Into The Night

I’m not sure if it will be a 2021 release but I am most looking forward to the second series of Into The Night on Netflix. I watched the first season in a day last summer and wasted no time in reviewing it for the site in the hope of drawing more attention to this unheard of show I binged in a day. Failing that my choice that is likely to be out this year is Sex Education, also on Netflix.

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