As we all know at this point, Rebellion are most famous for the Sniper Elite series of games which perfectly blend cool as hell sniping mechanics with some really solid stealthy gameplay as well. In fact if you want to know how much I love it check out my review of Sniper Elite 4 HERE.

One thing that always slipped me by was the Zombie Army series though and having just watched the trailer for Zombie Army 4: Dead War I genuinely feel like I have been missing out on some of the best fun I could have with my PS4. For those that don’t know YOU GET TO FIGHT A GOD DAMN GIANT SHARK. Look at it:

This game looks so unbelievably satisfying and being able to utilise the Sniper Elite mechanice to kill the shit out of Zombies sound like everything I have ever wanted from a Video Game.

So much so… I just bought the trilogy to play through this weekend.

Stay Tuned to Respawning for Joe’s Review coming in the next couple of days!

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