Honestly, you would think after 2 battles with giant monsters, humanity might be better prepared for a battle with them a third time. Of course, that would make sense in an ordinary universe but not the Pacific Rim universe, a world where every time the Kaiju are defeated, the humans decide they’re done with the giant robots and sticks them in storage, then they run around like headless chickens when the massive alien beasties come back… I dunno man maybe keep one or 2 mooching around? Change the oil now and then? Take them through the Jaeger wash????

This just seems like a REALLY ineffective weapon…

Basically, in a complete change from reality, humans in this world created incredible weapons and decided to only use them for the single purpose they were developed for and then pretend that the suddenly appearing sea monsters will never suddenly appear again… bold assumption really.

I’m only here thinking about this after the trailer dropped for the new pseudo anime series Pacific Rim: The Black coming to Netflix in March. The trailer showed us a ravaged Australia (because Australia is ALWAYS ravaged in the post apocalypse) as two siblings pilot an abandoned junker of a Jaeger in defence of their home and to find their missing parents, because one tragedy wasn’t enough. There isn’t much to go on with this, but the animation looks great and more giant punchy robots is all I ever ask for. The real questions sticking in my mind are why are the Kaiju back? And why are this brother and sister duo suiting up in such a thrown together Jager? I’m pretty sure the first film made it clear that Australia is pretty damn good at fending off the creatures… probably thanks to all the practice fighting their mad wildlife.

Obviously, we don’t have much to go on at all thanks to this trailer only being 45 seconds long but its clear that this should be a dark and bleak story of survival, more like the first film in the franchise and less like the bright and colourful world shown in the sequel. Won’t pretend that this isn’t a far better presentation, Uprising was a mess really, the colours, the jokes, the Jaegers being piloted by kids… it was leagues worse than the original and lets face it, Rayleigh and team would NEVER have stopped running they Jaegers, they would have known better than to think they had totally won forever! They even mention in that film that the Kaiju have tried to take over in the past! Of course they would come back eventually…

I just here hoping this new anime will clear up a few dumb questions created by Pacific Rim: Uprising as it tried to answer non existent questions from the first film. Of course it could end up being yet more garbage, but I’m here as a big dumb monster big dumb fan who just wants to see more rock ‘em sock ‘em robots go to town, especially in animated form!

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