The rumours were true, the Nintendo switch Overwatch case wasn’t a fake!

The Overwatch switch port has been confirmed and i’m In two minds about it. Overwatch is one of my all time favourite go to games, I think it’s so much fun. I absolutely love playing Overwatch in my spare time and have slowly managed to learn how to use and counter most of the Hero’s now (Not with an abundance of success but i’m average at it). I put this down to my absolute obsession with mystery heroes and spending almost no time on anything that isn’t an arcade game mode. Arcade is the best way to play Overwatch in my opinion….prove me wrong, and my favourite console at this moment is the Switch, so this could be a dream come true right? 

Overwatch is coming to the Switch on October 15th, the legendary edition is currently available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop, including five legendary, epic and origin Hero skins. The game comes with 3 months of Nintendo Online and picking it up before the 31st of December will land you a nice golden loot box containing one guaranteed legendary item! Nice. 

Firstly I am really excited over the fact that I would be able to take Overwatch wherever I want to, handheld Overwatch is super appealing to me. All I need for my favourite game is WiFi and my switch and I am good to go! It’s been stated the motion controls will come into play, which will add an exciting new mechanic to gameplay and will literally switch it up a little. For now cross play isn’t entering the equation for overwatch. This is probably a good thing, as i think Switch players may be completely obliterated by the faster running consoles with better controls. Whilst i think cross-play is a fantastic idea, it may take away the fun for some players as some consoles definitely would come with a handicap. Imagine someone playing on the switch up against someone on a top end gaming PC or using elite controllers. Keeping it within consoles at the moment makes it all just that little bit  fairer. Of course you still get some handicap between those using regular and pro controllers but it’s just not as big. 

Overwatch in general is still going strong as a game. With new Hero additions all the time and re-balancing going on constantly, Blizzard works really hard to level out the game and make it fun for players. The new role queue and role locking is helping to balance the game and make the experience better for players. Blizzard just constantly work to make sure the game is fun and balanced and fair. 

My only worries for Overwatch on the sOitch is the aforementioned motion control mechanic. I imagine this has the potential for glitches and bugs and frustrating game play. But knowing Blizzard i’m sure most of this will be ironed out and I will be proved wrong. I am excited for one of my favourite games to become that much more accessable to gamers. Especially those with lower budgets who might pick a console like the switch Lite. 

Personally I am looking forward to it? Are you? 

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