We’re back and just before the proper Christmas rush starts we break down what we’ve been playing and doing in the spookiest month of the year.

This month has been a quiet one for up until a few days ago, and the release of The Outer Worlds. I’ve been mostly jumping in and out of Shadowkeep just to pass the time. But when I heard that The Outer Worlds was coming free with Microsoft game pass, I thought I’d be stupid not to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did. The Outer Worlds has blown me away. It’s not a game I would normally play, but this has me questioning my entire outlook on first person RPG’s. It’s also been fun comparing playthrough notes with the other guys from Respawning that are playing it. And we’ve discovered we’ve had vastly different experiences! Well done Obsidian, well done!

Okay so October has been quite a busy one for me! I’ve finally finished playing The Last Of Us through again (this time in sexy 4K) but still plan on playing the Left Behind DLC along with it, so not quite finished with that just yet, I will say though that I bloody love that game so much! As is now tradition (insert Soth Park meme here) in these monthly articles, I will now mention my never ending Witcher 3 journey… nothing to update here really, I haven’t had much time for it though I find it to be the perfect game for remote play which is something I’ve found myself using a lot more this month since the new update.

I’ve also had my hands on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – a Nintendo Switch game that recently hit the PS4 which I reviewed here. You’d think three games would be enough right? Well it’s me so of course I’ve been playing FIFA 20 as well… Though not as much as expected as I continue to wait for the starhead update so I can use by beloved Aston Villa in a career mode! Surely there’s not a fifth game… Well recently Luke talked about how he’s obsessed with Batman and therefore finds himself tackling the Arkham series once again… weeeeell colour me inspired because I’m doing the exact same thing! I’ve just started Arkham Origins again but found it a ballache to play on the new PS Now so the good old PS3 has had a dust off for the first time in a while. Will I stick to this Arkham adventure like Luke has? Or will the FIFA update and Fallen Order distract me too much? Find out next month kids.

Much like Lance I’ve been playing a lot of Outer Worlds since it came out, I’m hearing the game is actually pretty short for an RPG so I’ll probably finish it soon but I am enjoying it so much that I’m likely to do a second play through of this fun ass sci-fi RPG. I’ve also been getting properly into Bloodborne, finally I think I’ve found a Souls game after number 1 that I can really get my teeth into. I’m not THAT far in but I’m past the point of no return with it if you know what I mean. Also we did a Halloween special for dying light, so don’t forget to check that out!

As well as gaming I’ve been caning through 7 deadly sins, I’ve watched most of series 1 in little over a week. It’s fast becoming one of my fav animes.

It’s been a mixed bag for me this month, until EGX I was all over Batman Arkham Knight, aiming for that platinum. Post EGX though, and after having my time with Doom Eternal, I decided to get back to the chainsaw loving franchise and refresh my memory of the 2016 reboot. However, before I could finish my therapy by shotgun, I finally got round to using my Xbox Gamepass and I’m suddenly all over The Outer Worlds. Unlike everyone else though it hasn’t been my main addiction with gamepass, I’ve actually been able to relive one of my favourite moments in gaming history with Fable 2. Getting back to Albion has been just what I needed after a hectic few days away and it’s helped keep me warm and cosy on these wet and cold autumn nights! In fact I’m planning right now what presents to give to my wife and child (in game) and when exactly we’ll make that move to Oakvale I’ve been planning.

I have well documented what I have been up to this month in terms of gaming by writing my ongoing “Obsessed with Batman” series I have going on. I don’t think this will slow down any time soon and in fact I just bought BOTH the Telltale games as well.

I am planning a playthrough of EVERY game that has been set in Middle-Earth as well, so watch this space!

Alongside this I started and finished The Outer Worlds in one weekend… So also that I suppose?

I’ve been playing some Overwatch, though I’ve found it a lot less engaging since Blizzard showed its true colours earlier this month. I have zero interest in Overwatch 2 as a result, to be honest.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight, and Cities: Skylines – the later especially as I have a new PC which can handle the strain of a larger city! That game is so good, and the community has made a lot of amazing mods for it.

I also bought, and have been slowly going through, The Outer Worlds (popular today!). Obsidian are still master RPG makers, and this title really shows the difference between them and Bethesda’s storytelling (as if Fallout: New Vegas didn’t do that already, though). Obsidian really understand how to tell engaging and grounded stories that effectively parody their subject matter. It’s kind of obvious at this point that Bethesda doesn’t know what to do with Fallout as a property, and it’s questionable they really understand what it’s even about: Fallout was a series about the dangers of jingoism and Us vs Them ideals. Bethesda’s Fallout is about shooty-bang-bang mutants and generic survival tropes. Maybe they should sell the rights to the franchise off, and focus on what they do best: The Elder Scrolls.

During October I started and finished Doom on Xbox One, and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I started a second playthrough immediately after finishing it, and I think it’s likely I will be starting a third immediately after finishing the second. The Super Shotgun, Plasma Rifle and Rocket Launcher are my go to weapons, though I’m trying to mix it up for each following playthrough.

I also started Afterparty, from the developers of Oxenfree, which so far I’m really enjoying and will be writing a full review for it once I’ve finished.

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