Last week we each decided who the best Elite Four member out of all of them from generation 1 to 4, so now we’re going to tackle 5 to 8. Magma is going to kick things off with his Fighting type master!


Hala is what Bruno aspires to be. With his incredibly versatile Fighting type team he is a force to be reckoned with in both aspects of defence and offence. There are many Elite Four members whose entire teams you can OHKO each Pokémon one by one, but not with Hala and his team of absolute units. With each Pokémon being incredibly bulky making each of them a minimum requirement of a two hit knock out even if you are using Pokémon with type advantage Hala’s defences can stall just long enough for him to deal out plenty of devastating damage. That’s even before Hariyama unleashes it’s Z-Move: All Out Pummelling which will give even your bulkiest Pokémon a beating into next week.

Hala himself is the Kahuna of Melemele Island. It’s his job to protect the island from literally anything and everything. Specifically chosen by the Island Guardian Pokémon Tapu Koko. He has not only the strength but also wisdom necessary to protect and lead. Hala not only commands respect as a Pokémon trainer but also as a figure of authority within the Aloha region.


I don’t think this needs much explaining, Kalos has a GODDAMN KNIGHT on their Elite Four! Look at this dude! Wikstrom is the coolest man ever! As you’d expect from a man wrapped up in steel, Old Wiks is a master of Steel type Pokémon. I famously also like Steel types for their sheer tankiness so Wikstrom and I are kindred spirits as far as I’m concerned.

Sure the first thing he throws at you is a set of keys…but he does have a Scizor too!


For best Elite Four member, you’ve got to go Grimsley from generation 5! The Black and White (2) Elite Four has to be the best of all Elite Four’s, and with Grimsley as the best of them that must make him the best ever. Just off the back of having two Dark powerhouses like Bisharp and Scrafty on his team, he stands head and shoulders over the other Unova Elite Four members.

The only Pokémon character to rock an outfit looking like he belongs on a dancefloor, whilst also not belonging on a register, Grimsley effortlessly oozes coolness. As a man in my 30’s I must be the most qualified out of anyone to know what ‘cool’ means..

Which of us has picked the best Elite Four member? Think you know better? Sound off in the comments (remember this week is only gen 5 to 8) and Team Respawn will be back next week!

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