It’s part 2 release day folks and I am here with my 5 predictions I think might happen in the game.  For full disclosure, I have written this before the game is actually out for me and whilst a lot of you at the time of reading this will already know if any of my predictions are true. I still wanted to have the fun of writing it to see how the game stacks up.

So if you want to avoid potential spoilers on what the game could entail then stop reading, if you have played the game and want to see how wrong, or right, I am then read ahead because this is just wild guessing at this point.

5. We catch up with Bill but it’s all gone wrong for him.

We last saw this bitter, disgruntled old favourite as we left “Bill’s Town” in the first game. He asks Joel if they are square then tells him to fuck off out of his town. My gut says this is not the last we see of this old legend and that Ellie & Co will catch up with him in the events of Part 2.

Despite being super careful and being an incredible trap setter and craftsmen, I don’t see things going particularly well for him. I reckon he might soften up over the years and come to Ellie’s aid, getting himself killed in the process – as he always knew it would.

4. The scars/seraphites win control of Seattle.

We saw these dudes in the first trailer way back in 2017 as the antagonistic cult-like people trying to sacrifice an unnamed person. In some of the recent trailers we know that this cult is at war with Washington over control of Seattle and are seen as the bad guys of the game.

Given the subject matter, I don’t think the good guys will win out here and I feel that the Scars would just have the bigger, more ruthless army, winning out in the end.

This is reinforced in my head as it seems that The Last of Us does pride itself on just being very unpleasant a lot of the time.

3. There is a cure towards the tail end of the game which means Ellie can stay alive.

Spoilers here for the end of the Last of Us.

As we know, at the end of the first game, a cure is found in Ellie’s blood and a group of Doctors want to draw this out so we can cure the world of it’s clicker infestation. This would however kill Ellie in the process. Joel makes a decision that he loves Ellie more than he loves the world so stops it all from happening, seemingly dooming the future.

Part 2 is of course set 5 years later and similar scientists could quite easily have continued working on a cure over this time. My reckoning is that over time this cure is found and it can be done in such a way that Ellie would in fact not need to die after all.

However I also think…

2. Ellie Dies anyway.

Twitter Isn't Too Happy About This Clip of The Last of Us 2 ...

Despite this glowing silver lining coming through on the game, I already mentioned that The Last of Us does not like to be a very pleasant game.

I think very shortly after all of this happening, Ellie will still find her death towards the tail end of the game, if this doesn’t happen however I think that:

1. Joel dies.

Joel obviously chose Ellie over the fate of the world and I just can’t help thinking that a lot of people would be pretty pissed off about this.

I think Joel will spend the majority of this game hunted before giving up the ultimate sacrifice to save Ellie.

So there you have it, I didn’t want to go into too much detail for the last couple of those but they’re there and they are what I reckon might happen.

What do you think? How right or wrong was I? please label any comments with spoilers in the section below but do let us know what you think.

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