ITS FINALLY OCTOBER AGAIN and I can talk about horror and only horror for a whole month! In order to terrify myself again I have been replaying Silent Hill 2 for the billionth time and I realised, as I was hiding under my Duvet, that Pyramid Head scarred me for life when I first played this game as a 10 year old way back in 2001.

So this got me thinking about all the villains who left a lasting mark on me long into my adult life and what better opportunity to discuss the top 10 villains who scarred me for life!

10 Everything – Outlast 2

Trick or Treat b*tch

Not many games can make me absolutely crap my pants as an adult, but Outlast 2 is one of the few which absolutely can.

Lurking around everything corner are things that desperately want me dead, I actually streamed this game so we have the perfect screenshot to accurately detail exactly how terrified I was:

9 The Xenomorph – Alien Isolation

Say what you will, their dentistry is on point

I STILL haven’t finished Alien Isolation, every single time I go into the game I get to a boiling point where the tension becomes too much. Alien Isolation shows that even when we know exactly what the horror is or even where it is, it can still terrify us.

The Xenomorph has made me terrified of every dimly lit spaceship hall to this day and that’s why it cements itself firmly on this list.

8 Vaas – Far Cry 3

 Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

Vaas made me realise the horrors of the human race. Vaas isn’t exactly anyone special, no supernatural powers and he isn’t even the main villain of Far Cry 3, but there was always something inherently terrifying about him. Vass is just a man who enjoys torment, terrifying people and torture and because of this it made me so wary of normal humans way longer than it should have done.

7 Wendy – Rule of Rose

I don’t trust anyone this clean in a hallway this dirty

Rule of Rose is one of those hidden gems of a game that few people have heard of and even fewer have played. At last check a UK Physical version of this game will set  you back about a grand.

But for those who have played this excellent horror title, Wendy will strike a fear in even the hardiest of people. Wendy spends the first portion of Rule of Rose being nice to you, in fact she is the only one who is.


As the game progresses it becomes clear that everything that has been tormenting you throughout has actually been caused by Wendy, she is a terrifying little girl and honestly I will always find scary little kids scarier than anything else.

6 Lisa – PT

Lady your posture is the scariest thing about you

PT still makes me sad to this day because of what could have been with Silent Hills.

But Lisa is notorious among horror game fans because even though this “Playable Teaser” was only around 45 mins in length, Lisa terrified us by stalking us through the house the entire time causing sheer horror every in every moment.

5 Witches – Left4Dead

Witch | Left 4 Dead 2 - left 4 dead 2 Photo (36816191) - Fanpop
“I’m about to f*ck up your idiot friend who is AFK”

Not on the scary end of the scale here, Witches in Left4Dead still left a hugely lasting impact on me. Whilst they didn’t scare me with terror, they still induced absolute panic on harder difficulties every time we would hear the tell tale cry of the Witch whilst trying to get through a level

4 Piggsy – Manhunt

I was far, far, FAR too young to be playing Manhunt as a kid, the game purely about murdering people in unique ways was infamous at the time because of the creative and brutal ways you could cause the death of everyone in your path – however the thing that truly stuck with me from Manhunt was Piggsy.

The gimpy little man dressed like a Pig induced sheer terror at even the look of him and everytime I see him, even now 20 odd years later, I still feel sick.

So ill just share a look at him instead

Emil Ackre on Twitter: "Reminds me of the nightmare boss from Manhunt:  Piggsy. Fun times being chased by that one.… "
Dude…nail clippers

3 Reborn Laura – The Evil Within

“My friends call me the back scratcher”

I still cannot listen to Claire De Lune without shivers shooting down my spine. Despite this song being used to Signify save zones within the game, it just makes me think of the terrifying mass of hair and nails that is Reborn Laura.

Listening to her scream at me as I book it down a hallway terrified me to my core despite being a grown ass 24 year old man.

2 Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Theres a specific moment in Silent Hill 2 that scarred me as a child that involves Pyramid Head and it comes a few hours into the game. After you finally make it off the streets, killing or running away from numerous monsters made up entirely of legs.

You finally get a moment where you feel safe and you peer into a room, only to see Pyramid forcibly having his way with one of the Leggy monsters you have spent hours running away from. This, as you can imagine, stuck with me forever.

Surprisingly this image is far less concerning than the one discussed above

1 That one Zombie that turns it’s head at you in Resident Evil 1 – Resident Evil

Peekaboo unsuspecting new player

Resident Evil 1 can quite easily be blamed for my love and obsession with Zombies and all things horror, however it wasn’t until a few years after the release of the game that I actually came to enjoy this, upon first playthrough I barely made it 15 mins into the game.

I borrowed it off an older friend down the road, this “friend” promised that: “it’s not too scary, you can kill everything you come across easily”. So I ran home, PS1 case in my bag to hide it from my mum and sat in my room, curtains drawn – ready to slay some Zombies.

I made it through into the mansion, not too scared at all and into the dining room then finally the hall.

And there it was.

The first Zombie of the game, lapping up brains off the floor and it turned it’s head to look directly at me which resulted in a high pitched shriek and me running, crying to my dad who was in the living room below.

I never forgot this feeling of horror and as I got older and understood it more, I began to love horror. So whilst this list is things that scarred me for life, I would also say they gave me a deep love for all things scary.

Are there any villains which terrified you as a kid or even an adult? Let me know in the comments below!

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