Avengers game is here ladies and gents and for better or worse it’s available to play on PS4s and Xbox ones everywhere!

But being able to play as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will always beg the question, who REALLY is the best Avenger?

So let’s put our controllers down and take a moment to reflect on who each of us think is the cream of the crop of Stan Lee’s inventions.

When you hear WAP for the 500th time


It is absolutely no secret that I am a spiderfanboy. I have merch, tees, mugs and the rest all tied into the webslinger himself so it comes naturally to me to outright state that Petey himself is always going to top my list of favourite Avengers – because he is my favourite marvel character of all time. Ive written millions of articles on him before so I wont wax lyrical too hard on him.

Also a big fat honorable mention from me: Agent Venom was always hype as hell

“I shall give thee three guess where this hammer will go”

Hmmmm let me think for a second about this OH WAIT THOR!

Of course I love the strongest Avenger, sit the f*ck down Captain Marvel fans. With his devastating hammer (or Axe depending on Film or comic) and glorious golden locks, Thor has consistently had some of the best moments in Marvel history. Admittedly I don’t really know much about the comic lore, That’s why I hired Luke to just dunk Thor facts on me like Kobe over literally anyone (RIP). More recent comics have had Thor slowly losing his sh*t and becoming a bit of a nihilist as he tries to prevent the ultimate doom of the universe, first from Black Winter (a force which killed the god damn Justice League) and now apparently from Thanos wielding an infinity stone laden Mjolnir, like a sick galactic pimp cane.

If you seriously need any more reason to love the God of Thunder, look no further than the now iconic scene in Infinity War… “BRING ME THANOSSSS” Chills guys, literal chills.

Well thanks to the big Viking loving prick above I can’t really choose Thor now can I (even though I genuinely think he is!). So lets go for my other favourite Avenger, Wolverine. Now I know you’ll be screaming at me that he’s an Xman but hear me out!

New Marvel comic to focus on Wolverine, Captain America | EW.com

When Wolverine gets called up to the Avengers he puts such a different spin on what this team are all about, at least for me, he’s rough around the edges and doesn’t quite play ball with the others. He’ll still wander off and do his own thing and more often than not will not listen to the commands from Steve Rogers.

Eventually though it does change who Wolverine is, he forms great bonds with heroes like Spidey and Cap and eventually goes back to the Xmen as a teacher. Well I may have my timelines mixed up but basically, I fucking love Wolverine. Please oh please god let him be in the Avengers game soon.

It’s Spider-man…it’s always gonna be Spider-man, Has most of the best powers (threat detection, super strength and a charming wit) he has the best villains and also started off one of the biggest Marvel events in Marvel history Civil War.

Oh snap shit is about to go down.

I know Luke had already picked him and it’s an obvious choice but Peter Parker is one of the best comic book creations for a reason.

I know for a fact I’m probably alone on this one but my pick is Mr Tony Stark himself – Iron Man. He wasn’t always my favourite especially given that he was portrayed as a B level hero for so long before the explosion of the MCU. Of course with 2008’s Iron Man kicking off the MCU in style, he’s now a household name worldwide.

Since then, he’s been a massive character in movies, comics and games. I think the reason I like him so much is the same reason I love Batman, they’re easy to relate to. Not the ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ part admittedly, but the fact he has zero powers yet stands side by side with Gods and beasts and holds his own.

I was also one of the very few people who sided with Tony Stark during the Civil War story, whether that was the original comic book run, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 or the blockbuster movie. I always believed his realistic world views were for the betterment of society and he was in the right over the annoyingly holier than thou righteous Captain America. Also he’s so much fun to use in video games because I can fly around and take out enemies from range. For more on my love for Iron Man in video games, check out our Avengers stream from this past Friday in the video below.

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