Sure it’s the middle of a nationwide lock down and it’s not like this upcoming Easter weekend will make any real difference to most of our lives at the moment, but any opportunity to game will be taken! With that in mind let’s see what the team here at Respawning will be occupying their glorified house arrest with!

I’ll be playing two things especially this weekend:

I’ve been streaming a playthrough of Resident Evil 2 over on my Twitch channel: I’m currently playing through Leon’s A Route, and am up to the NEST. Unfortunately, I didn’t start archiving the first parts of the playthrough, so you’ll have to wait for when I do Claire B if you want a complete playthrough. Claire B – and my playthrough Resident Evil 3 – will be uploaded to Respawning’s amazing YouTube channel. There’s already loads of amazing content from the crew there, so go check it out!

Of all the days not to bring an umbrella and a T Virus vaccine

I’ll also, of course, be playing Animal Crossing. I’m currently in the middle of a review for it, and spoiler alert: Absolutely loving it. I can’t wait for Bunny Day to finally hit on the 12th (partially for the prize, partially for those eggs to piss off)!

What with all the time I am now spending on my sofa, I have finally got around to playing some games that I’ve been meaning to for years. First up I’ve started Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus which is a great substitute for Doom Eternal which I just cannot stand. I’ve also finally started playing a franchise I’ve never touched before but am already in love with after just the first hour of its first title. I am talking of course about Yakuza 0.

1980’s Japan looks an awful lot like Vegas…

I have given No Man’s Sky yet another chance in the last couple of days, and while I admit the flying and space exploration is very pretty, the game still plays like it is Playstation 2 era. Graphical glitches and tedious traversal abound on the planets I’ve visited so far, Void Alpha and Euphoric Delta (I wonder where I got those names from), and now I doubt I will get more than another hour out of it.

I am also about to face the Elite Four having just reached them in Let’s Go Eevee, so you can’t say that my Switch is being neglected.

Making pets fight for money since 1995

I’m going to be boring and admit that I actually won’t be playing a lot. We may be on lockdown but they can’t stop me doing home improvements to my garden dammit! Though when I’m not grafting away you’ll likely find me continuing my journey in Control and playing UFC 3 as it was only £8.99 in the PSN Spring sale!

Speaking of PSN, I was considering getting Final Fanstasy VII Remake but given you can only get it digially on PSN for a whopping £60, I decided against it. It looks good but not £60’s worth of good! …yes I do realise this is the norm now, but I still find the pricing ridiculous, especially in the current situation where we don’t have any other option! Rant over.

Deep water Horizon 2077

So this weekend I have two games on the go that just released and demand my full attention, Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7. However, while I’ll definitely put the time in there, it is also time for my 3 year strong tradition of replaying God of War! That’s right nerds, surprising absolutely no one and disappointing everyone, regardless of how many new games drop I can’t help but be drawn back to the nordic adventures of Kratos & Son (which now I say sounds like a Greek removal company) So Cloud and Jill will get their chances to shine but when it comes down to it, I just can’t say no to lobbing axes at monsters and gods!

“I just can’t quit you Kratos”
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