We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! Was it really going to be anything else this week? With most people breaking up for their Christmas holidays today, we thought what better time to discuss the video game gifts we’re hoping to get from Santa this year.

Well it depends if I’m being realistic or not. In the real world I’ll likely be getting a PlayStation Store gift card which is awesome as I’ll easily put it to good use. Though if Santa could provide me with anything I wanted then I’d be unwrapping a shiny new Nintendo Switch this Wednesday morning. I’m usually PlayStation through and through but I can’t deny the appeal of some of the Switch exclusives that have come out over the last few years. Plus I miss playing games on the train since I got rid of my Vita so I know a Switch will scratch that itch! Maybe I’ll be able to to accumulate enough Christmas money to still make my festive dreams come true… Watch this space!

A nice full sack… Of goodies! Not to be ‘that guy’ but I generally get what I want when it comes out, same as Mikey I’d obviously love a Switch but I know that ain’t gonna happen. I really like the random gifts such as the Groot controller holder I had last year, so perhaps something practical yet nerdy like a death star ice cube maker, this is what I want!

There are definitely some games that I’d like to receive that I may not neccesarily buy myself such as Devil May Cry 5 and Control so either of these would be happily received. But to be honest I’ll be happy with socks, lynx and booze!

I don’t actually have a list of wants this year. I’ve already received my main gift, because my partner couldn’t bare me pining to play Jedi Fallen Order any longer. And presented me with an Xbox One S bundle with a copy of Jedi Fallen Order.

Their is one gift I’d like to arrive though. Back in September for my birthday, I was bought a loot goblin Amiibo for my copy of Diablo 3 on the Switch. It has YET TO ARRIVE!! And I get constant emails of it’s delay from Nintendo.

A truely mythical object

But apart from that, now, almost akin to rocking horse excrement, this year, I just want to have a nice chilled Christmas at home. Playing games and eating awesome food! Oh, and socks, I need some new socks.

Personally, I want two things this Christmas – Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, and a shiny new Pro Controller for my Nintendo Switch – Having just hopped off the coals of Shin Megami Tensei IV, I’ve got the MegaTen bug firmly embedded into my very brain, and I just need more. Santa, hook me up baby.

Then the Pro Controller… Whilst I love the all-grey look of the standard Pro Controller, I really want to mod mine to get a nice, red, metallic sheen like this one from eXtremeRate:

…Hubba hubba..!

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