Welcome back to the Respawning Let’s Talk. This week we are taking a collective look at the recently released Ghost of Tsushima, discussing our first impressions of the game whether we have played it or not, and also sharing our two favourite images that we have taken in the games photo mode in our respective sections below.

Let us know in the comments whose photos you think are best, and we’ll start off with Alexx who had no interest in the game whatsoever until the evening before it released.

I’ve outlined all of my early views of Ghost of Tsushima here but in brief I am very impressed with what I have played and experienced of this game so far. I nearly didn’t bother with it at all, but after watching Luke play it on our YouTube channel the evening before release I was out the door at 6 the following morning to pick up a copy!

I adore the combat and most of the open world exploration, but do find that the map locations are too repetitive for a game that was over six years in development, and that while the map makes a perfect picture in every frame, its beauty is only skin deep.

My modern masterpiece – ‘Sun Cutter’

I am currently experiencing the most severe bout of open world fatigue I have ever experienced in a video game (woe is me), but this isn’t enough to force me to stop playing this breathtaking and authentic samurai adventure.

I will post a full review of the game in the coming weeks once I have completed the story and seen all that the world has to offer. At time of writing I have spent around 15 hours on Ghost of Tsushima though only visited a third of the map!

I call this piece – ‘Threatening Trees’

I can probably say, at this point in time, that Ghost Of Tsushima is my game of the year. Obviously this could change with Cyberpunk and other titles, just over the horizon, but this game ticks all my boxes, for a gaming experience.

My homage to Kurosawa

Unlike Alexx, I have to yet to experience any fatigue. In fact, as a stark contrast, I’m having to limit how much I’m playing, as I don’t want to complete it too soon. I want the experience to last as long as possible. The visuals of this game are stunning. I think the way the Sucker Punch have used colour is sublime. I actually think that visually, the locations being similar, makes sense. As it’s all based on an island and locations will look similar or even the same, theirs only so much diversity an island can have. The combat is a stroke of genius. I love how you genuinely feel more powerful, the further you get into the game and unlock more techniques. Although not historically accurate in places (look out for my upcoming piece on that one) it does present an in-depth Samurai experience. My only gripe is the forced stealth sections. Its the only thing this game falls down out. It’s stealth mechanics leaves a lot to be desired. I understand it’s prevalence and necessity for the story, but I have spent 90% of the game, acting as a Samurai, strolling into camps, demanding the Mongols face me. And I couldn’t be happier with it!

That’s gonna need a boil wash….

Much like Alexx, I only had a passing interest in Ghost of Tshushima before watching Luke stream the game over on YouTube. I realised then that this is a game that way well worth be paying the big bucks for and did just that the following day. I’ve already covered my first impressions which you can catch in the video below, but I will once again summarise my thoughts for those who don’t fancy blasting a loud video of a fat man screaming nonsense during their work day..

The first thing that really struck me was the visuals. Locations were stunning and the art style is absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for certain character models and animations. They’re by no means bad but given how people are praising this game for its visuals, I thought it was worth noting. It probably doesn’t help mind that I’m coming straight off the back of two back to back Last of Us Part 2 playthroughs.

Overall though, I’m having a lot of fun exploring this open world. The combat is incredible, stealth leaves a bit to be desired but it’s enjoyable enough and the story is good enough to keep me interested in adventuring through this amazing world. I’m still really early in the game but I’m happily sat at about an 8.5 right now. I can’t see me liking Ghost of Tsushima more than Last of Us Part 2 or Final Fantasy VII Remake but I’d still highly recommend picking this one up.

Here I am!

My opinion of Ghost of Tsushima flip flopped throughout the entire game and in fact, even since completing the beast – I still haven’t been able to actually settle on a score. I sometimes think I am at a 7, sometimes an 8 and even sometimes a 9!

I don’t know what it is about Ghost but it seems to keep me incredibly invested for 8 hours at times – then others I can barely stomach it for 90 minutes before I am totally bored of the game. The story has a really slow middle section which ruined a lot of it for me but the beginning and end were phenomenal.

I found a lot more to love with exploration and side quests than I did with the main portion of the game though.

So that’s my opinion I guess… I really don’t know what I feel about the game… but here are my photos!

Wu-tang Clan coming at you, protect your neck kid
Am I a Snow Leopard?

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