So far in my lists I’ve covered adventure/RPG, Platformers, indie titles, sports games & beat ’em ups and you’re probably thinking where the heck do we go from here! Well here’s my third and final part of a wishlist for a PlayStation fan.

Today we’re going to cover shooter games, party games and as mentioned other little gift ideas just before Christmas!

Let’s start with a subject I really wouldn’t say is my main stay, FPS games. Now my list won’t be your call of duties or Fortnite type games as I don’t play these. I like an FPS with story, so here we go. My story driven FPS list.

Shooter Games


Let’s start big shall we people. This is perhaps one of the most violent games on the list but you are killing demons, so I’m sure they deserve it! DOOM brings the classic series into the current generation in brutal, visceral glory and honestly it shouldn’t be missed by anyone (who’s old enough to play it). It’s also a perfect time as there’ll soon be a sequel to this. DOOM is a first person shooter that gives you a whole host of weapons to tear through the hordes of Hell.

  • Age rating 18
  • £15

The Division 2

Although I never finished it (got very close), this was one of my favourites of the year. You and some friends need to shoot your way through a decrepit Washington DC to rebuild and kill terrorists, mostly it’s about the killing. You also get an RPG-esque gear system with which you can change pretty much everything you’re wearing, perfect for those who love backpack simulators (like me). Seriously though this is an amazingly fun co-op shooter with great endgame content. 

  • Age rating – 18
  • £17

Wolfenstein (Old Blood or New Colossus)

The Wolfenstein games take the premise of what would have happened if the Nazis had won, and turned the world into a dark tech driven hell. You play William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz who’s thrown into this hell as leader of a rebellion against these awful people. The games really excel as the gun play and action is quite unique, and who doesn’t want to kill Nazis..?

  • Age rating – 18
  • Available as a double pack from £20

Party Games

P-A-R-T-Y, ‘cuz I gotta! Christmas is the perfect time to play some fun ass party games with your loved ones, and with the introduction of play link there are lots of easy ways to play. So here are my faves!

The Jackbox Party Pack Games

Now there are lots and lots of these packs, so have a good look at what’s available before you commit to one or the other. The idea is easy; use your phone to log in and play together on a variety of different interactive games (ones that include guessing each others drawings, taking silly photos and quizzes). I am always surprised at how much I enjoy these titles, and they’re a really good one for any age, and my personal highlight is Drawful.

  • Age rating – 12
  • £10

That’s You!

Working similarly to the Jackbox games, this one involves you logging in with your phone and using that as your controller. However this time you’re all put together and are taken on a kind of journey where you must answer questions about each other, choosing who would be the most likely to… I’ll be honest this one is best when you’ve had a couple of mulled wines and your really honest side comes out!

  • Age rating – 12
  • £16

Gang Beasts

This is one of those games where it really shouldn’t be as good as it is, but you’ll want to keep playing. Putting up to 4 players into bizarre arenas, you must control Play-Doh type creatures to throw each other out. However each arm is controlled by a different button, and the characters act more like ragdolls than your normal game. This game will get you equal levels of frustrated and happy.

  • Age rating – 7
  • £20

Other little gift ideas!

AND finally! Here are some little gift ideas you can get the PlayStation or gaming fan in your life. Perhaps they’re all gamed out and you just want to get them something a little different, well here’s what I would want.

Cable-guy controller holders

Available from MANY different popular brands, Cable-guys are the perfect present to sit by your PS4 controller and hold it. Personally I have a Groot one and I love it!. 

  • £20 – £30

Numskull Game Case Tower and Charging Station

Are you looking for somewhere to store your games, and are your controllers always running out of charge? Well look no further! Seriously I hope I get one for Christmas as this is ideal.

  • £25

PlayStation Icon Coasters

What else needs to be said really! They’re the classic PS icons but as coasters, look how preeettty they are! I know that Joe has a set of these, and he swears by them – They’re all metal, and engraved instead of just being stickers, so they’ll last long too!

  • £10

PlayStation Playing Cards

….Wow. I didn’t know these existed until this minute. Perfect for settling Christmas Day bets, blackjack, or even poker! No… Not that type of poker you naughty elf..!

  • £6.50

I could go on and on and on, but I hope that’s enough ideas readers! Best get ordering quickly though as the big day is almost upon us!

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